Posted January 30, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Jan 20 – Statement received of an O'possum with a jar stuck on it’s head at 19050 E Hwy 32. Cedar County Sheriff’s deputy went to scene and assisted the citizen to free the animal.

Structure fire reported at 12560 SE Hwy J. Ambulance, Stockton fire units and Caplinger fire units responded along with St.Clair County Fire Department.

Statement of property damage at 19245 E 752 Rd was filled out at the Sheriff’s office. Reporting party stated someone broke out a window and ran down the battery on one of their vehicles.

Information received from a citizen that a black and tan female dog jumped into her car so she took it to the Stockton pound.

Ambulance calls – El Dorado Springs Residential care; 401 South Ohio

Jan 21- Dylan M. Sehr, Stockton, arrested by a Cedar County Sheriff’s deputy for an outstanding Dade County warrant issued for failure to appear on shoplifting charges.

Ambulance calls -135 West Spring; 121 Spring; CCMH to Mercy Springfield; 805 North Jackson; Community Springs Care facility

Jan 22 – Sarah Michelle Yepes, Stockton, arrested by a Cedar county Sheriff’s Deputy for an outstanding warrant.

Ambulance calls – 15676 South 1225 Road; 1207 South Main; 219 West Twyman for a lift assist.

Jan 23 – Jerico Springs Fire Department dispatched to a grass fire at 2100 Rd 1⁄2 mile off Hwy 97 on south side of road.

Cedar County Sheriff’s deputy, Stockton fire units, Caplinger Mills fire units and ambulance requested for a RV fire on 1175 Rd.

Elizabeth G Barton arrested by a Cedar County deputy for outstanding warrant.

Ambulance calls – 419 South Belise; CCMH to Community Springs; CCMH to Freeman East Joplin; Agape Boarding School; 10720 east 1500 Rd

Jan 24 – Theft reported at 800 S 275 Rd. Reporting party stated he had evidence of the theft. Cedar County deputies took statement and evidence and wrote a report.

Statement of property damage received from 23935 E 1000 Rd. Reporting party stated neighbors dogs had come over and killed three goats. Cedar County deputy went to scene and handled incident.

Structure fire reported at 11990 SE 375 Rd. Collins fire units had called for mutual aid to assist on a garage that was on fire and endangering another structure. Caplinger Mills fire units responded.

Fight reported at 1003 E Hickory. Reporting party stated the woman carrying his child had kicked him in the knee. Cedar County deputy went to the scene and issued a citation.

Grass fire reported at 15555 S 2519 Rd. Vernon County advised of grass fire and location.

Structure fire reported off of A Hwy by the county line. Stockton fire units, Polk County fire units, ambulance and Cedar County deputies went to scene. Fire burned about 20 acres and was contained to one barn that had multiple round bails inside. Due to round bails burning Polk County stayed on the scene through the night.

Ambulance calls – lift assist at 15105 East 1804; 3410 south 51 Rd

January 25 – Accidental shooting at 1201 N 39 Hwy. Reporting party stated he was shot in the leg while duck hunting. Deputies went to the scene.

Grass fire reported on N Hwy. Grass fire was endangering a structure 1-2 miles east of J Hwy on N Hwy. Caplinger Mills fire units dispatched to the scene.

Ambulance calls – CCMH to Cox South Springfield; CCMH to Mercy Springfield; CCMH to Mercy Joplin; ambulance and helicopter requested to 1201 North 39; 306 North Main; Community Springs; lift assist 206 West Joe Davis

January 26 – mGrass fire reported in the ditch off of Hwy 54. El Dorado Springs Fire Department called to scene because of increased fire conditions.

Grass fire reported in the middle of three structures by 19048 E Hwy 32. Stockton fire units dispatched to the scene and extinguished the flames.

Grass fire reported at 11755 E 1350 Rd. Reporting party stated he was burning trash when a can flew out and set the grass on fire Caplinger Mills fire units and Caplinger mills first responders went to scene.

David J. Neal, Jerico Springs, arrested by a Cedar County deputy for an outstanding Green County warrant for domestic assault.

Brush fire reported at 22770 E Hwy N. Reporting party stated his neighbor burning brush and with the wind and high fire conditions they were afraid the fire would spread. Caplinger Mills fire units and Cedar County deputies went to scene.

Grass and brush fire reported from 1401 Rd. Reporting party stated that her neighbor's grass was on fire and it it was catching trees on fire. A Cedar County deputy, Caplinger Mills fire units, and Stockton fire units went to scene.

Ambulance call – 21715 East 1474 Rd