State of the city from City Manager Rogers

Posted February 6, 2014 at 10:54 am

On Tuesday, the Sun spoke with El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers about the state of El Dorado Springs.

Q. How was the year for the city?

We don’t have our audit yet, but based on exit interview with the auditors, they felt like we had a good year.

Q. How was the tax revenue?

I went back and looked at our year-end sales tax revenues. In ’09 sales tax receipts for the general fund were $392,557. In 2010, they were $385,095. In 2011, sales tax receipts were $390,527. In 2012, $397,194. Receipts for 2013 were $381,948.

We had a several major projects. We completed the renovation work at the airport. We received a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation Aviation Division for 90% of the cost of that work. We did crack sealing and filling, cut out repairs of some of the largers cracks. We replaced an area beween two hangars with concrete. We installed drainage to help carry away the water from a spring area. Plus we restriped the airport.

We painted the water tower inside and out. We removed all the lead that was in the old paint system. That was a significant expense as well as improvement for the community – a little over $280,000.

We added a new storm-warning siren in the south side of town just west of the hospital on a grant from USDA Rural Development.

We refinanced some outstanding debt for the water department and civic center. We will save over $850,000 over the next 12 to 13 years.

We replaced about 4,500 lineal feet of water line.

Q. How is that going?

Going good. We are over half way done.

Q. What is the outlook for completion?

I would say it will take two or three more years. We do it as we can with the existing crew. They also have to do all the maintenance issues.

The police department took advantage of some free equipment from the Department of Defense. You probably remember the HumVee. We got the Kawsaki Mule. We got the computers. We also got a grant for vests. We paid 50%.

We held a surplus auction that brought in about $28,000.

We are doing a program where we run a TV camera in the sewer lines in trouble areas. We are using the camera on about 8,000 to 10,000 lineal feet a year to ID problem areas that need to be fixed.

Q. What are your plans for 2014?

We will continue the sewer inspection program and the water line replacement program.

Q. Did you change the alarm system on the water towers so in case of a leak it will wake up somebody?

We’ve got a back up system now so it will dial more than one number. The problem last time was it was an automated system and didn’t dial anybody. Now we’ve got it set up so there is a dialer that will also make a call to the dispatcher as well as the person who is on call.

Q. What about the streets?

We resurfaced First Street from Hwy. 54 south to Carmen Road and a portion of High Street by DairiConcepts.