Want some ocean front property?

Posted February 6, 2014 at 1:08 pm


One thing you have to say for David Shipp, he is consistent in his beliefs, not too swift but consistent anyway. He did predict Obama’s election sat time but don’t hold your breath for Nancy’s return to take up the gavel after the November elections, David. You can only BS the people so long and finally they won’t believe a cotton-picking thing you say and that is where the Democrats stand right now. One thing you can say for a stopped clock, it is right twice a day and so are you.

Now our President has had four full years to provide all the miracles he was going to produce but what has come of it, nothing. His flagship legislation, the Affordable Care Act, is such a shambles even the Democrats up for election won’t brag about it.

Now, David, tell us now you and the President will get the unemployment rate below the magical six percent mark in 10 months when he couldn’t do it in four years? And, yes, the gas rates did go under $3 a gallon but now they are creeping back up again so what will we do about that?

About the only thing you can hope for is a new horse in the race and that will be Hillary. Oh, she will break the glass ceiling and give us four more years to completely bankrupt the country. And if anyone can do it she will be the one. She will get those unemployment checks going again and she will feed all those hungry children and tell us more about those invented scandals that plagued our poor dear President. That awful Lois Learner putting Barack in the terrible position when she was the one who denied those Tea Party people their tax exempt status because the President knew nothing about it until he read it in the papers, and our wonderful Attorney General knew nothing about those guns walking across the border to Mexico and again Barack only heard about it when he read the papers. Now remember that old line, if you believe that then I have some ocean front property in Arizona I want to sell you.

You are correct David when you say anything is possible in politics as the last election proved beyond all doubt. Please keep us informed of your thoughts for if anything will get enough people to the polls to turn this country around it is letters like your. Hope you are enjoying the dry climate in California this year for it looks like water rationing is coming again to the Golden State.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs