Cedar County Ambulance Board fills vacancy

Posted March 20, 2014 at 4:29 pm

At their Monday, Feb. 17, meeting the El Dorado Springs City Council approved the engagement of Confederate Railroad to perform at the 2014 Picnic. The group will perform on Saturday, July 19 for $7,000. Rogers said that the Picnic Committee had seen several acts at Fairs and Festivals that they were interested in for Picnic Entertainment.

Councilmen Jerry Friar, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland, Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True were present as was City Manager Bruce Rogers.

During the Public Forum Kimball Long asked that the city allow the Spring City Revitalization Group to hold their 10th Annual Chili Cook-off on Spring Street on Saturday, Oct. 18. She said that there would be other events planned for the group’s 10th anniversary.

Rogers said that Buildings and Grounds were working on the Sunderwirth Bandstand. He said that sections of the railing and some of the columns had to be replaced. He also said that some of the stones in the bandstand’s base had fallen out and were missing. Those also needed to be replaced.

Rogers said the city was working with the EPA on sewer overflow issues.

Rogers said that nine buildings have been inspected and the city will begin working with property owners to bring the building back into code compliance or make arrangements to have the buildings removed. Owners will be notified of the deficiencies and of the needed repairs. (see page eight.)

The council discussed the electric fund which has lost money for the past two years. They discussed cost saving measures and the possibility of phasing in a modest rate increase over the next three years.

The presentation of the 2012-2013 audit was postponed until another council meeting.

Council signs Confederate Railroad for Picnic

The Cedar County Ambulance District Board met in Stockton Monday, Feb. 17, with all the current members of the board present: Robert Matney, John Wilson, Dennis Winston, Don Fugate and Sue Rice.

In one of the first items of business, the board voted to accept the resignation of Wes Spinks from the board because of a conflict with his job.

Winston made a motion to appoint James Reynolds to the vacant Dec. 6 seat, which was seconded by Robert Matney, Sue Rice objected stating that the procedure has been to ask for resumes.

Winston said he wasn’t going to do it that way and proceeded to take a vote. Yes votes were Matney, Winston and Wilson. No votes were

Rice and Fugate.

The board had a discussion about whether to keep a mileage log. Winston said, “I’m totally against the mileage log.

After a lot of discussion, Wilson suggested that they keep the mileage log as it for now and look into tracking technology to replace the milage log.

In the manager’s report, Neal Taylor, ambulance director for Citizen’s Memorial, the ambulance contractor, told the board that a spigot leaked in the garage wall soaking the carpet in the living area. He said CMH has a cleaning crew but asked if the board wants to replace the carpet. They think they have the leak stopped. He asked if he board wants to put down laminate flooring and only have carpet in the sleeping rooms.

Wilson suggested that they clean the carpet for now and go from there.

Rice asked about the FRA money. For the three months ending Dec. 31, 2013, the district received $20,109. In the St. John’s/Mercy ambulance bid, they would have kept that money.

Taylor said the state is “slowly letting loose” of the FRA money.

In looking at the financial report, Rice said the district has $293,000 in Liberty Bank, well over the $250,000 FDIC insured limit. Rice will look into moving $75,000 to Heritage Bank.

Kalena Kenney Bruce’s financial report which she left with the board before she went to a hospital for a family emergency, said the district has $671,494.51 in bank accounts.

The board appointed James Reynolds as secretary/treasurer and removed Wes Spinks from all accounts.

The board approved the 2014 budget.

It projects total revenue of $452,200: sales tax – $430,000, interest – $2.200 and FRA discount – $20,000. It projects operating expenses of $436,813.50 for net income on $15,386.50.