The Rock Wall

Posted February 20, 2014 at 10:33 am

Adrian’s answer is “Yes.”

She called Saturday afternoon and when I answered told me, “We have a new member of the family.” She told me that she and Cain had me on the speakerphone.

Kimball and I had kept the secret for three months so I didn’t want to spill the beans on a mis-communication. I asked what she meant.

She told me that Cain had proposed.

And what was her answer? “I said yes.”

The plot started one day in November as I was driving through the timber up by the hayfield going deer hunting. I thought it was a little unusual that Cain called me. I could tell that he had something on his mind as we made pleasant converation.

Then he got to his point: He asked for permission to marry Adrian which I readily gave. Then I suggested that he call Kimball who was at the house. She also gave her blessing.

Then Kimball and Cain started plotting how to put it in the Sun and surprise Adrian. The plan: Put the full page in the paper with the photos you saw last week in the Feb. 13 issue, but, to keep someone from spoiling the surprise, we would have LCN Graphics print a special page the week before. After our office crew got it ready (and they did a fine job), Kimball stapled the special page into one copy of the Feb. 5 newspaper and mailed it to Cain in an envelop. It arrived in Austin, TX, by the weekend.

Adrian said she went into the room and Cain had the newspaper open to that page and laying on the table. When Adrian turned around from looking at the page, Cain was behind her on one knee, ring box in hand.

Right now, they are talking about a Halloween wedding, not just because that is the day we got married, but because that is a bye weekend for LSU football. Then, August is a possibility. They don’t know. And the location has changed a few times: Cain’s home town, Lake Providence, LA; Adrian’s hometown; and Austin, TX, where they both live.

Now I don’t have to keep my guard up when Adrian calls every morning on her way to work.

Everybody happy.

– A typographical error can get serious fast. Adrian and Davis were trading texts one snowy day when Adrian asked him if he had cabin fever. He wrote back that his “only escape is the gun.”

Before Adrian could get concerned, Davis realized that the “U” is right beside the “Y” on his keyboard and the “N” is right beside the “M”. He texted a correction: His “only escape is the gym.”