Candidates file for county offices

Posted March 27, 2014 at 7:06 pm

Cedar County


Prosecuting Attorney – Ty Gaither, Reggie Breshears.

Associate Circuit Judge – Rick Pohlsander.

Presiding Commissioner – Jesse Watts (Inc), Patty Thompson, Gregg Fast, Marlon Collins, Pattie Miller, Byron Hamilton.

Collector – Joan Haines (Inc).

Circuit Clerk – Melinda Gumm (Inc).

County Clerk – Peggy Kenney (Inc).

Recorder of Deeds – Carole Wilkerson (Inc).

Treasurer – Ronnie Miller (Inc).

Vernon County


Circuit Clerk – Lisa Miller, Terry Poe, Bud Anderson.

Presiding Commissioner – Bonnie McCord (Inc).

Prosecuting Attorney – Lynn Ewing (Inc).

Associate Circuit Judge – Neal Quitno (Inc).

County Clerk – Cindy Winters, Paula Messner.


Circuit Clerk – Miria Randall

Recorder of Deeds – Doug Schup (Inc).

St. Clair County


County Clerk – Debbie Peden (Inc).

County Clerk – Karen Hubbard (Inc).

Recorder of Deeds – Pat Terry (Inc).

Associate Circuit Judge – Jolene Timmons.


Presiding Commissioner – Robert E. Bob Salmon (Inc).

Treasurer – Rhonda R. Shelby (Inc).