Posted February 27, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Have Gun, can shoot better NEW 6cc.tif

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, the high school girls and boys basketball teams thanked the Booster Club for “The Gun” shooting machine that will greatly help all of the school’s basketball programs from Elementary to High School on both the girls and boys sides. Head Coach Ryan Waters said. “We are very excited about the gun and have already implemented it into practices. The beauty of the machine is that it gives the shooter the ability to shoot three shots in the time it would normally take to shoot one. It also forces the shooter to have arch on their shot, by extending its net well above the rim. All the while, counting made and missed shots and giving instant feedback on shooting percentage. The best part is, it takes less than two minutes to setup. One person can use it or it can accommodate several people at one time. The Gun is going to be a very useful tool for any and all future basketball players here in ElDo and we all wanted to thank all of the Booster Club members for making it happen.”