CCAD pays half of phone system for sheriff

Posted April 17, 2014 at 2:47 pm

The most time consuming portion of the March 17 Cedar County Ambulance District Board of Directors meeting was not even on the tentative agenda. Cedar County Sheriff Leon Dwerlkotte said he was sent by the Cedar County Commission to ask if the Ambulance Board would pay half the cost of the $80,000 dispatching system that needs to be installed in the new jail before it open April 1.

Ambulance Board members present were Don Fugate, Sue Rice, Dennis Winston – presiding, James Reynolds and Robert Matney. Board Member John Wilson was absent.

After almost an hour of discussion, the board voted unanimously to pay $40,000 of the cost with any excess to be refunded if the system comes in below that price. The county will install two complete dispatching centers.

The sheriff said he will have two dispatchers on duty at all times. He said there will be 11 to 15 jailers on duty at all times.

In the regular meeting, Board Member Sue Rice said that the district has $71,000 more than the maximum FDIC insured amount of $250,000 in Liberty Bank.

The newly appointed board member, James Reynolds, said that the money is safe, that it doesn’t need to be insured. He said because it is tax dollars, the money is handled in some special way

Rice disagreed.

On Tuesday, the Sun checked with public official who handled funds. He said that there is no special way a bank handles tax dollars. He said a public body can require a bank, in order to get deposits in excess of the FDIC maximum insured amount, pledge securities and give a document stating that is the case.

On a motion by Fugate to move $75,000 to Heritage Bank, second by Rice, yes votes were Fugate and Rice. No votes were Winston, Reynolds and Matney.

On Tuesday, Dennis Winston e-mailed the Sun that he had contacted Liberty Bank and received assurance in writing that the district deposits in excess of $250,000 are protected.

Under unfinished business, the board voted to add James Reynolds’ name to all bank accounts.

Winston reported that the El Dorado Springs building inspector told him the district is not required to obtain a building permit for the remodel of the El Dorado Spring ambulance barn if it does not involve electric circuits or load bearing walls. The board postponed consideration of the remodel until April.

Winston told the board, “I think we have a lot of things we’ll have to talk about in the next year. Upgrading. Our revenue will go down.”

Rice disagreed on the reduction in revenue.

In her financial report, Kalena Kenney Bruce, who could not attend the meeting, reported that the district has a total of $700,121.92 in its bank accounts.

Total revenues for Feb. 11 – March 10 were $36,624.22 and total expenditures were $4,924.94 for a net increase in assets of $31,699.28.

Total current assets a year earlier were $560,062.95.