Posted April 3, 2014 at 10:59 am

2014 Crowder Business Contest 4 cc.tif

Northeast Venon County High School business students attending Crowder Business Contest Wednesday, March 26, brought home the following awards: Abby Gilpin-3rd in Advanced Keyboarding and 3rd in Impromptu Speaking; Shawn Adams-1st in Beginning Accounting, 1st in Business Computer Applications, and 1st in Personal Finance; Mikelah Moyer-2nd in Beginning Accounting and 2nd in Personal Finance; Trenton Rader-3rd in Beginning Accounting and 3rd in Management Decision Making; Abigail Solis-3rd in Beginning Keyboarding; Brianna Davis-2nd in Business Communications and 3rd in Office Procedures; Tyrein Davis-1st in Business Communications and 3rd in Business Computer Applications; Erin Kitsmiller-2nd in Business Math; Emilia Gilpin-3rd in General Business and 1st in Office Procedures; and Tabitha McCoy-3rd in Management Decision Making. All students including Courtney Justice, Olivia Harrison, and Andrew Purchase contributed points that helped in winning four team trophies – Beginning Accounting, Business Computer Applications, Personal Finance, and Business Communications. Pictured are (from left) Back: Erin Kitsmiller, Andrew Purchase, Tyrein Davis, Trenton Rader and Mikelah Moyer; Middle: Shawn Adams, Olivia Harrison, Abigail Solis and Courtney Justice; Front: Brianna Davis, Tabitha McCoy, Emilia Gilpin and Abby Gilpin.