Hartzler and House pass Save American Workers Act

Posted April 10, 2014 at 1:32 pm

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Good Day,

The legislative events of this week take a back seat to the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, Texas that left three innocent victims dead and 16 others wounded. Like so many Americans, I am deeply saddened. My thoughts are with those at Fort Hood, their families, and friends. Please join me in praying for all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

The House unveiled its Fiscal Year 2015 Path to Prosperity Budget that will expand opportunity by growing the economy and fostering the creation of jobs.

The American people deserve a brighter future in an America that works. Our budget balances in 10 years and works to pay off the country’s national debt through a $5.1 trillion reduction in spending. This is in stark contrast to President Obama’s proposed budget which never balances. Our budget also preserves and strengthens health and retirement benefits by reforming safety net programs through the elimination of waste, fraud and abuse. With the right government and spending reforms in place we can get America back on track.

This budget honors our commitment to national defense and our men and women in uniform. It provides funding to protect our country and to provide our troops with the training, equipment and compensation they deserve. We must remember that the first responsibility of the federal government is to protect the country from threats at home and abroad. Our men and women in uniform have performed admirably as they take on those threats. Our budget honors our troops and rejects the President’s cuts to national security. And as we honor today’s servicemen and women, this budget keeps faith with veterans who have honorably served and protected this nation.

If Washington does not get serious about getting spending under control, it will have to raise taxes on American families. It is irresponsible to take more money from hardworking families to spend more in Washington. Every family must live within its budget and Washington must do the same. As a member of the House Budget Committee I look forward to advancing this blueprint for America’s future prosperity.Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) and the House have approved the Save American Workers Act, H.R. 2575, to protect American jobs by repealing Obamacare’s 30-hour definition of full-time employment.

“The 30-hour rule will result in fewer jobs and reduced hours for many American workers,” said Hartzler. “An example of the impact can be found in the situation of an hourly employee working 39 hours a week who sees his or her hours cut to 29. That works out to approximately a week’s pay over the course of a month.”

“Businesses that provide entry-level opportunities for younger workers, school districts employing substitute teachers and part time bus drivers are disproportionately affected by the 30-hour rule,” continued Hartzler. “Recent Hoover Institution research concluded the 30-hour rule puts 2.6 million workers with a median income of under $30,000 at risk of losing their jobs or hours.”

“It is time to restore common sense to employment by restoring the traditional 40-hour work week as the benchmark for full time employment,” added Hartzler. “I urge the Senate to take up this good legislation and follow the lead of the House in approving it.”

Congresswoman Hartzler serves on the House Agriculture, Armed Services, and Budget Committees.