Posted April 24, 2014 at 10:30 am

Davis and Tom 2cc.jpg

Davis Long went to the turkey woods Tuesday morning, leaving his dad sound asleep. Before daylight, he had four gobblers “ripping it.” Just as he got ready to start working the closest gobbler, a shotgun roared. The nature of turkey hunting is to adapt and recover. Davis did that and soon was nearly a half mile away where two gobblers answered his call. After Davis made promises of who knows what on his box call, one of them put in a guest appearance about 60 yards away, pinning Davis down. He froze until the wary gobbler finally decided to move and give Davis a clear shot. The 22-2 gobbler with a 10.25 inch beard and 1.25 inch spurs won a free ride home with Davis so Dad could take some pictures before Davis broke out the fillet knife.