City Council fields insurance questions

Posted June 19, 2014 at 8:45 pm

There was a bit on confusion among some of the city’s employees concerning their new insurance plan and three took the time to ask questions during the council’s public forum on Monday, May 19.

The current plan is a $750 deductible with office visits and prescription co-pays. The new plan gives city employees a choice. The basic plan has $1,500 deductible with no co-insurance or co-pay. An individual is out $1,500 before the co-insurance kicks in and out $3,000 for a family but, the basic plans comes with a Health Savings Account. The city will contribute $65 for an individual or $165 for a family each month and the insured can also contribute to the plan. The second plan has a $1,500 deductible but there are office visits and prescription co-pays.

Councilmen Jimmy Luster, Jerry Baldwin, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland and Mayor Brad True were present as were City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Lisa Allison.

Rodney and Jennipher Buller, who both work for the city, are covered under Tri-Care, as Mr. Buller is retired military. He can also participate in on the city’s insurance plans but not the Health Savings Account. He said he didn’t think it was fair that the other employees got to participate in a city funded Health Savings Account and he could not. He said he realized that the ruling wasn’t the city’s, but the IRS, but he still didn’t think it was fair. Wayne Downer said that he was told by the insurance provider that because he was on Medicare, the he couldn’t participate at all in the insurance plan.

Tuesday, the city learned from the provider that Downer could participate but not in the health saving plan.

The council approved an agreement with Pathways Community Behavioral HealthCare to lease the property at 107 West Broadway at an annual rate of $17,600 and the property located at 1301 Industrial Parkway East for $128,898 yearly.

The council voted to renew their membership in Kasinger Basin Regional Planning Commission at .20 per capita for a total of $718. The Council reappointed Frank Haynes as a member of the City of El Dorado Springs Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board and appointed Lana Jones to the Municipal Cemetery Advisory Board.

The council voted to have the city clerk apply for the annual taxi grant.

In the city manager’s report, Rogers said that the city had received a $197,000 donation to the City Cemetery from the Nadine Hansen Estate which would go into the perpetual fund.