The Rock Wall

Posted June 12, 2014 at 10:02 am

Russ Warren, KNEM radio, e-mailed this to me last Thursday: I saw an on-line report this morning about the discovery of the body of an apparent murder victim in a cemetery near Peculiar. (How odd.) The report said originally a caller told 911 personnel there was a body in the cemetery and it was not yet scheduled for burial there.

– The El Dorado Springs Post Office lost a letter the other day. This was no 49¢ delivery gone wrong. A while after I noticed the loss, I got around to telling one of the workers about it. They had noticed it, too.

I wondered if it went to a T Party candidate.

Over the front door, the signage announces: United Sta es Post Office.

Must have lost it back during the winter to someone who wanted hot T then or iced T now – if it ever warms up.

– This Saturday is a loaded day. Tour the Osage Village north of Walker from 10 to 4. Tour wild flowers tour north of Mindenmines about the same time. Relay for Life starts in Stockton at 2 p.m. and runs until 10:30.

– I went to the Bulldog Den weight room two mornings in a row to take some pre-football season photos for you. The first morning I got freshmen and sophomores “maxing out” their lifts. Coach David Carpenter, who can’t be all bad because he has less hair than I have, told me to come back Tuesday morning and I could get the “big boys” lifting. I kind of made an appointment with Landon Leonard who had bench pressed 425 lbs. before I got there that morning.

Tuesday morning I got a photo of Landon deadlifting 500 lbs. one time (a set of three lifts counts) but when his left wrist strap snapped, it made a heck of a noise when the bar crashed to the floor. Kimball selected a photo of him deadlifting 435.

Coach Carpenter will run the defense. Coach Scroggins will run the offense. Wonder what the hole in the line will look like when players who can handle 500 lbs. run through the opposition. I recall printing a quote a few months ago, “God favors the team with the biggest tackles.” KL