Users will pay for EPA regs

Posted June 12, 2014 at 12:46 pm


In following the new EPA regulations that Obama wants to impose on the power generating industry, I must see this in a much different light than does Bruce Rogers. Mr. Rogers states that the power plants are already up to the EPA standards which they perhaps are for the standards in force at this time, but the EPA is always looking at new and more restrictive regulations. The president has made it very clear that his intention is to tax the coal industry out of business and he is well on his way if Congress doesn’t put a stop to this madness.

Now, Jim Davis takes on a more realistic view since 80 percent of our power comes from coal powered plants and we know that this industry has spent billions of dollars to retrofit their generating units and clean up the output from the industry. Now if you have one bit of grey matter in your head you must realize that those billions of dollars are going to be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher rates. This is a fact that one cannot deny. The person that is the user is the one who will pay the bill and buddy, this is us.

I know that we live in a very fragile would and we must protect the soil, the water and the air and it is well and good for us to have fair regulations that require us to follow guides lines to accomplish this end result, but we cannot do it alone.

China and India are building coal fired power plants as fast as they can get them on line for they need cheap energy for their expanding industrial industry and they are not requiring our IPA standards to get in the way of their expansion and as they pollute the air where do you think all this pollution is going. We have a jet stream of air which circles the globe and will carry that excess pollution around the planet, so while it is good for us to clean up our own back yard we cannot do it alone.

We must set reasonable standards that can allow us to use coal and maintain our economy while we develop alternative methods of producing power that can protect the planet in the future. Obama seems set on one simple mind set and one only. It’s my way or the highway and I am not about to change. Perhaps after November he will be in a more flexible mood when he loses control of the Senate and Harry Reid and Ms. Pelosi are both on the sidelines.

Ms. Smith it was so good to hear from you, we must do this again sometime.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs