Water’s on at Caplinger

Posted June 19, 2014 at 10:58 am

Caplinger Report

by Ron Masters

Riverside Bait & Canoe

We’ve got lots of water and a few fish.

The Corps cracked the Stockton dam last week and is running about two feet of water over the Caplinger Dam 24/7. They are not generating power yet.

The increased water flow is starting to bring up fish.

They are catching a few crappie. A guy came up this morning (Tuesday) with four or five crappie in his bucket. Yesterday he caught four or five and an eight pound wiper, a hybrid. He caught three walleye – two keepers and one throw back –less than 15 inches long

Catfish are biting. I went out there last night and caught some.

They are baiting mostly with minnows. I think he used some kind of topwater on the wiper.

We are still able to rent canoes.

Lake Stockton Report

by Matt Coyle

Stockton State Park Marina

They have been catching quite a few walleye, a few crappie and a lot of bass.

They are catching the walleye on the main lake points in about 20 to 30 feet of water. They are trolling deep diving crankbaits and nightcrawlers.

For the crappie, they are using minnows trolled on jigs and crankbaits.

The bass are hitting on plastic baits, worms, lizards fished on Carolina rigs out deeper.

Tabervile Report

by Bobby Dain

Dains Fish Farm

Fishing is wonderful. Catching is not too bad.

Rod and reel fishing is still pretty good. They use shad on rod and reel and brown carp and goldfish on trotlines.

You can always catch crappie. They are not spawning. You have to find them.

The river is about half bank full and pretty swift, trotlining. It will get good by about Friday. Throwlines have been working well. I saw a 48 lb. flathead day before yesterday. They caught a lot of fish. Baited with shad they are catching blues. With live bait, they catch flatheads.

ElDo Report

By Ruth Foreman

R&R Sporting & Tackle

A guy came in Saturday and said they were catching some crappie up at Schell again.

I think they are catching them away from the bank. He said they ran out of minnows and had to come get some more.

A guy came in here and said he was fishing up at Schell. He hooked into something and it broke his line. He had to come get some more line. He bought 20 lb. test.