Why are state tax refunds late?

Posted June 19, 2014 at 12:02 pm

by State Rep. Warren Love

In recent days I have been asked by many of my constituents why they have’t received their income tax refund?

Here us the best answer I can give according to what our Majority Floor Leader John Diehl has to say about the situation.

House Majority Leader John J. Diehl Jr. today stood in defense of the more than 260,000 Missourians still awaiting their tax refunds by calling on Governor Nixon to act immediately to issue the refund checks. Diehl said that, while revenues have not grown at the overly optimistic rate pushed by the governor, the state has the funds necessary to refund the more than $115 million still owed to Missouri taxpayers.

“Missourians in all parts of the state are frustrated in not having received a refund of their tax dollars in a timely fashion. Hardworking Missourians have paid their taxes on time but the governor has continued to delay payment of refunds. It is time to return these tax dollars that rightfully belong to the people. State budgeting should not be based on money the state does not have the right to retain,” said Diehl, R-Town and Country.

Diehl added, “State budgeting is about making difficult decisions. If the governor is required to withhold money in order to meet state budgeting obligations, he should do so. We should not be withholding money from our citizens who, in many cases, rely upon tax refunds in order to make car payments, tuition payments for their children, or monthly rent or mortgage payments. I am calling on the governor to immediately make tax refunds available to those Missourians who are entitled to them.”

Diehl also repeated his desire for the governor to work with the House and Senate to assist efforts to create low-tax, pro-growth initiatives. Diehl said that the state’s economy and, more importantly, Missouri’s small businesses and their employees would greatly benefit from many of the initiatives the governor has vetoed.”