EPA bill has no chance to pass

Posted June 19, 2014 at 12:18 pm


On Thursday, June 5, of this year on the front page of the Springfield News-Leader was posted a story saying our esteemed Senator Roy Blunt is co-sponsoring a bill along with Senator Mitch McConnell to kill the EPA plan to reduce carbon pollution. Senator Blunt knows this is a hot button issue with his fellow Missourians and he is eager for us to know that he feels our pain and he is there to fight the good fight and keep our electricity flowing at a price that we can afford and not let this dastardly President Obama price us out of house and home.

Senator Blunt also know this bill doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of being passed in the Democratic controlled Senate and if by some quirk of fate it did that the aforementioned President Obama would veto it as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. He, Obama, has made it clear time after time that he intends to price coal out of existence.

Now we come to the other half of Missouri’s Senatorial team, the esteemed Senator Claire McCaskill, who states the bill has no chance of becoming law and is just another manner of Senator Blunt scoring political points with the people at home and in that statement she is 100 percent correct. Which is one of the few times Senator McCaskill has ever told the truth in her life. She goes on to say that she has not taken a position on the White House plan but wants to hear from Missouri stakeholders and see what kind of proposal the sate might pout together to meet the target. This is another out and out lie for whatever the President Obama proposes she will fall right in line with. Claire is feeding at the Democrat Hog Trough and she ain’t about to go against the party.

Now I for one do not have any more faith in Blunt that I have in McCaskill or President Obama to do anything that will favor the average American citizen as the Senator’s only concern is being re-elected to their plush post and President Obama’s concern is totally wrecking the American economy of which he is well on his way.

We have known for many years that the United States of America could not be conquered by an outside force, but we are learning that it can be destroyed from the inside by someone who appealed to the masses for whatever reason and could be acceptable to both the white and black voter. Whoever saw this Saul Alinsky trained agitator, took him under their wing and used him for this purpose and it is working for that end. I know this might sound farfetched to those who believe they could never be hoodwinked in this manner but as Barnum said “There is one born every minute.”

Hopefully we can still salvage our country out of this mess but every day it is becoming more difficult as we now have some 60,000 children who have poured over our southern border with more on the way and this is the border that Obama assured us was totally secure.

Bud Olinger

El Dorado Springs