Teacher searching for photo of Vietnam vet (KIA)

Posted June 26, 2014 at 12:35 pm


I am Jennifer Whitson, a 7th/8th grade teacher in Steelville, Mo. My students are searching for photos to send to Washington, DC, to add to the collection of photos the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has…making the site (vvmf.org) have photos of those MIA/KIA in Vietnam….making them more than just names etched in stone. My students and I have taken on a task that is HUGE. We have been asked to look for the faces of the Missourians who are only 1400+/- of the 58,000 on the wall. We only have around 900 to find. SOOO, we are hoping to get this ball rolling.


One of my students, Dakota, has found a photo of a man, but she is not sure where she found it (she oops, forgot to write the site down), so I am not completely convinced the guy is the one we are searching for. The gentleman is named: PFC Harry Lee Powers. He was KIA 11/21/66, at the age of 20. His home of record is El Dorado Springs. I am HOPING that your newspaper might have an obituary from that time…with his photo.

That student, Dakota, will be accompanying me to Washington, DC next Tuesday, to represent our school at the kick off of the Hometown Heroes event….this is a part of the education branch of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. We will be hand-delivering all of the photos we have found, to date. The other five schools from across the nation have various other projects, Steelville has four we are working on in our school.

If you can help us, we would be eternally grateful, as we want to do all we can for those who answered the call of our nation during that controversial time period. Those men/women deserve the best we can give…and we hope to do a good job for them.

This is no hoax, not scam….I promise you! You are more than welcome to check out the vvmf.org site, or my school’s website, to check to see if I am a teacher there…have been there for 26 years, teaching history to middle school kids for a long time, too.


If you know of other Vietnam Veterans who are listed on The Wall, please send those photos, or connect us with the families of those people, so we can get their photos sent in.


Thanks for the help!!!


Jennifer Whitson\Steelville Middle School 7th Grade Social Studies 7th/8th Grade Current Events