Thank God on July 4

Posted July 3, 2014 at 12:37 pm


The heat and crabgrass are upon us here on the ridge between Arnica and Bugtussle on the east side of Cedar County, but it won’t keep us from celebrating. “Independence Day” is Friday, July 4, the day the founders of this great nation presented the most important document in its history, “The Declaration of Independence.” You might call that day in 1776 the birthday of the United States of America.

Take a moment to remember those who were brave enough to write that document and declare our freedom from British rule and those who have fought and died so that we can remain free from tyranny and oppression. If you see or know a veteran or a soldier, thank him, or her for their service. They are doing their job because they believe that this nation is worth giving their life for.

If you desire and get a chance, pick up a World Book or check your computer for the Declaration of Independence. Reading the two or three pages should enlighten you as to the basis of the freedoms that we hold; you might be surprised.

During times like these, it may seem like our country can’t get any worse with a government at odds, economic strife, illegal aliens streaming across our borders and social unrest around the world. Take a step back and look at a bigger picture. Take one day, on the 4th of July and look for the good that this great nation represents and has accomplished in the 238 years since its founding. Take that one day to set feelings of discontentment aside and be thankful for the freedoms that we still hold. Freedom does not just appear and remain, freedom must be fought for and protected.

Give that one day to the celebration of this country’s birthday and Thank God that we may live another day to continue the fight to remain free. May peace be with you.

J. L. Nichols