Kander expands military voting opportunities

Posted July 10, 2014 at 11:48 am

Secretary of State Jason Kander on Monday, July 7, announced Missourians serving in the armed forces who are stationed away from home now have access to a new online platform that makes voting significantly easier for them.

Kander’s office launched the Military and Overseas Voting Access Portal (www.momilitaryvote.com) to give active duty service members the opportunity to securely register to vote and request and receive absentee ballots for all local, state and federal elections. The Military and Overseas Voting Access Portal is the first of its kind nationally and its development is a major step forward in ensuring that service members have the opportunity to participate in the democracy they are defending.

All Missourians serving in the armed forces can use the platform to expedite the voting process. Additionally, the portal’s resources are open to any Missourian who is eligible to vote and residing overseas, including families of active duty service members, members of the Peace Corps and faith-based charity workers.

Eligible Missourians can visit the portal and create secure voting access accounts at www.momilitaryvote.com. Users will receive their absentee ballot within 48 hours of submitting their requests.

Kander established the new portal in time for voters to request and receive ballots for the statewide primary election on Aug. 5. The portal will also be live for the Nov. 4, 2014 general election, and all elections thereafter.