Picnic results best in years

Posted August 21, 2014 at 3:31 pm

“I think we had a beautiful Picnic as far as the weather was concerned. You couldn’t ask for better weather. I don’t remember a Picnic where we had all evenings cool with the high temperatures below 85 and the overnight lows close to 60,” El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers.

“I thought the crowds were pretty good. Thursday night was an especially nice for a Thursday. We had a pretty full Park. And when I walked through the carnival, it seemed to be very full.”

“The crowds were above average on all three nights.”

Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck said the Picnic was uneventful.

Rogers said, “The carnival did well financially. We were up quite a bit. Last year’s gross was somewhere around $63,000. This year’s gross was $82,000.”

The city gets 25% of the gross – over $19,000 this year which goes into the Picnic fund.

The city manager said, “Our banners on the stage were up. Walt Anderson did a good job of selling those. I think we had an extra 13 over last year. They sell for $120 each on the side and $150 on the center.”

He said, “The carnival had 18 rides. We heard from some people who didn’t think they had right number of rides but they actually did. They put six rides on the lot across from the Methodist Church.”

“We were down a little on vendor space from last year – around 120 ft. shy from last year.”

El Dorado Springs Mayor Brad True said the Picnic was “very good, actually. The carnival was way up. I think attendance was way up, too.”

He said booth space was down. “Nobody wanted to come this year. We even called everybody we had previously.”

The city manager said all the vendors told him their sales were way up this year.

Brad said, “We had great attendance for kids games this year. Next year, I’m going to propose that we do some kids games on Saturday to replace the golf cart race.

The mayor said he spoke with Pride Amusements about changing the spacing on their rides and games to better fill in the first block of North Main and of east Spring Street.