Council discusses nuisance ordinance

Posted September 4, 2014 at 4:14 pm

At the Monday, Aug. 4, El Dorado Springs City Council meeting councilmen discussed at length a proposed nuisance ordinance. For some time, councilmen had asked about an ordinance that deals with indoor furniture being used or left in an outdoor setting. They were also concerned about derelict cars and worn-out appliances being left on porches and in yards. City Manager Bruce Rogers stated that indoor furniture and appliances, when left outside, can attract vermin.

All councilmen were present – Jim Luster, Gene Floyd, Randy Bland, Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True along with Rogers.

The council reviewed the revenue and expense report for the year-to-date. Rogers said that all the funds, except for the electric fund, are in good shape. He said the next three months are the most profitable ones for the electric fund.

The council got bids for banking services from Mid-Missouri Bank and Community Bank. They accepted the bid from Community.

Brenda Elsworth from Pump-N-Pete’s out of Parsons, KS, informed the council about the training that Pump-N-Pete’s employees go through to prevent underage tobacco and alcohol sales. Pump-N-Pete’s has purchased the Fastrip Convenience Store in El Dorado Springs and had applied for a liquor license. Fastrip has a liquor license, but a city ordinance won’t allow for a transfer of the license. By a three to two vote, the council granted a liquor license to Pump-N-Pete’s.

Rogers said that the city made more money at the 2014 Picnic than last year. He said he had mentioned to the carnival owners that people would prefer that there weren’t so many rides located on the Methodist Church parking lot.

The council discussed the rent on the Library. The city owns the building and lot and maintains them. The council voted not to increase the rent this year.

The council heard Rogers explain the possible disposal of the three emergency generators. He said the city’s power reliability has improved over the years and keeping the generators might cost more money that disposing of them. He said that the generators wouldn’t generate enough power for the whole town in summer or winter and that EPA rules were making it impractical to keep them.

Rogers is to investigate the sale of the generators.

Floyd said the fresh stripping of the downtown streets looked good.

He said he had visited with Dr. Bill Sunderwirth about a week before Dr. Sunderwirth died. Floyd said they talked about El Dorado Springs.

“I wish more citizens had that love for this community,” Floyd said.