Petition seeks removal of Dunfield from Vernon County ballot

Posted September 11, 2014 at 4:38 pm

A civil petition seeking the removal of a candidate’s name from the Vernon County general election ballot Nov. 4 was filed Tuesday, Aug. 12, in Vernon County Circuit Court.

Nevada attorney Lee Guthrie on behalf of Vernon County Prosecutor Lynn M. Ewing III filed the petition. The defendant is Nevada attorney Dustin Dunfield – recently certified by Vernon County Clerk Tammi Beach as the Republican nominee for county prosecutor after the August primary elections.

The petition challenges Dunfield’s qualifications to serve as county prosecutor because he was convicted of a felony count of statutory rape Dec. 13, 1996. Missouri law prohibits those convicted of felonies from being candidates for elective public office and holding office even if he or she receives the most votes in the general election.

A date for a hearing on the petition is to be set later.