Changes in traffic patterns at school

Posted September 11, 2014 at 4:38 pm

by Supt. Mark Koca

Students and patrons returning to school at El Dorado Springs R-2 will encounter quite a change in traffic patterns around the campus. At the high school, the newly expanded student parking lot will now be one-way traffic only, with angled parking. All students will be required to park in the student parking lot and will be assigned a numbered parking space for the year. Students should enter from the south end near the Ag building and exit at the north end at Poplar Street. Students should avoid turning left (South) on Park Street to avoid pedestrian traffic, and the buses entering the street. A number of visitor parking spaces will be created on Park Street now that there is plenty of student parking.

At the Elementary building, the newly created driveway connecting Twyman Street with the circle drive at the Elementary entrance should ease traffic congestion on the West side of campus. Parents wishing to pick up/drop off Elementary students should enter the new driveway on Twyman street, proceed to the circle drive to pick up/drop off. If they have Middle or High School Students to pick up they should proceed North on Grand to pick up these students. If they do not have other students to pick up, they should return down the new driveway to Twyman Street which will let them avoid the inevitable congestion at the Middle and High School entrances. Middle and High School parents will use Oak and Pine streets to access Grand for pick up/drop off as they have in the past. Access to the circle drive from Oak Street is strongly discouraged. Please keep speed below 10 mph on the new driveway. It is hoped that these new improvements will ease some of the traffic congestion and frustration that has existed at the building entrances in the past.