Posted November 3, 2011 at 11:43 am

Roscoe fire visits 3CC .tif

VISITS SCHOOL – Greg Hooper and Kenny Alexander, members of the Roscoe Fire Department, came to Roscoe Elementary School. They taught students about fire safety, how they put out brush fires and showed them their protective gear. Smokey the Bear showed up and surprised everyone. Students greeted and hugged Smokey on their way out to see the truck the firemen use to fight brush fires.

The students and staff of Roscoe Elementary would like to thank Smokey, Grandpa Kenny and Greg Hooper for helping us be more aware of how to prevent fires.

Pictured are (from left): Maddie Jefferis, Kassi Coleman, Brandy Hough, Smokey the Bear, Kenny Alexander and Greg Hooper.