The Rock Wall

Posted July 19, 2012 at 10:56 am

Picnic here. Some rides went up Monday and Tuesday.

It’s an exciting time for the young and the young-at-heart: Picnic time.

I remember the preparations when I was a kid: Picking and selling blackberries and dewberries for a dollar and a quarter a gallon to make spending money. There might even be a new shirt just for the Picnic.

Heat? What heat? It was Picnic time.

Several of my buddies and I would roam the midway looking at the clusters of girls, too shy to talk to them.

I don’t remember the circumstances but some bunch of guys we didn’t know evidently took a dislike to us. Anyway, they wanted to talk to us in the alley in the first block of North Main. We decided to leave when one of them whipped out a knife. They were almost as scary as the girls.

Hope no one has that much excitement at the 2012 Picnic.

– Davis and Brooke drove most of Sunday night to get here for the week. At 3:04 I was awake and called them. I thought Davis said they were seven miles from Nevada. I figured with him that they might be home in 30 minutes.

I went back to bed and tried to stay awake to greet them. About 4 a.m. I was awake for a look at the clock and thought I must have misunderstood him – that he said 70 miles from Nevada. About a quarter to five, I noticed that the lights in the hall were dimmer. When I got up to check, I saw a wood framed photo of strutting gobblers standing up on my dresser with a “Happy Fathers Day” sticky note on it. I never knew that Sneaky Davis had been there. They were in their rooms already asleep.

– It’s made my first two days of the week great having them home.

– OK, after we get out of prayer meeting Wednesday evening, we’ll see some of you at the Eagles booth and at the street dance. The next three days and nights, we’ll rub elbows with a lot more of you at the frog toss, the turtle jump, the tennis shoe kick, the water balloon bust, the Hula Hoop marathon, the pig squeeze, the various reunions and all that good stuff.