The Rock Wall

Posted July 26, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Picnic over.

I enjoyed seeing everyone on the street and at the reunions.

The entire Picnic went according to schedule. Only once did I get in a bind on time: I hoped to photo the Lip Sync winners before I had to go take pictures at a class reunion. I took photos of each contestant hoping I could match them to the list of winners, but you know I’d miss somebody.

There, right beside me sat Rusty Murry, who told me he was there to photo contestants who were in the Lighthouse Children’s Theater. So, I asked him for a favor: would he photo the winners for me? He did. The Lip Sync winners are courtesy of Rusty Murry.

I felt kind of sorry for the little rabbits in the booth. Davis and Brooke admired them a lot, I think. Then they got word Saturday that a family member had put their two rabbits in a cage in the yard grass for two hours. I don’t know if she forgot them or just didn’t know that two hours in the hot sun was too much.

I would suggest in a case like that using Dad’s theory: If someone dies in the middle of the night, wait until morning to call other family members. They will still be dead in the morning.

Yes, the weather was hot, but I think I’ve seen it hotter at the Picnic. I remember one year when it was so hot I walked in the shade of Carl’s Gun Shop as I headed back to the office and it was still so hot I wondered if I was going to make it.

Still, it was hot enough to get my attention. Saturday night, Kimball, Brooke, Davis and I ate late. We started out together, but ended up separated. Kimball and I were sitting on the rocks in front of the bandstand enjoying performances by Lauren Alumbaugh and friends and then by Sydney Friar. I guess we photoed them, then took the camera back to the office and ate. By then, I thought I was too hot and tired to go back down to the bandstand to get a photo of Lee Roy Parnell and company. But I did.

Once we got home, Kimball and I cooled off in front of the TV, then went to bed. We didn’t have a clue when Davis and Brooke got home from his after the reunion party. But they managed to get to church Sunday morning then hit the road back to Ruston arriving about 10 p.m. in Jonesboro, LA. I think Kimball’s World’s Best Fudge helped keep them going.

-Along the Rock Wall, Shirley (Welton) Beckman challenged one thing I told you last week. She wanted to know where I got $1.25 per gallon for blackberries. She said they only got 50¢. I told her they are now over $20 a gallon, I think.