The Rock Wall

Posted August 16, 2012 at 10:10 am

The Rock Wall

I was shocked last Wednesday when I returned an emergency phone call and learned that our friend, Bob Allen, had passed away following surgery to replace a heart valve. He had called me a couple of times the week before and confided that he was worried.

I talked to his daughter, Patti, on Tuesday afternoon following the early morning surgery and Bob had not awakened. She said that was normal and that his vital signs were good.

I learned in the Wednesday afternoon phone call that his vitals turned bad during the night. The doctors concluded the next morning that Bob had suffered a major stroke.

I’ll miss Bob’s friendship, his sense of humor and his wealth of knowledge. I worked with him on his pride and joy, his big pond, drawing from my fishing experience to advise on fishing structures. Bob was such a work-a-holic I don’t think he ever cast a lure into the pond but he enjoyed the view from the bank and from his living room.

The kids and I cast a few lures into the pond and I filleted the results for Bob which he enjoyed eating.

-You know that people are going to talk about you one way or the other. You can give them good things to say. Kimball and I, while on our walk the other evening, had stopped to talk to Harold Fugate downtown in front of his building. The El Dorado Springs Cross Country team members and coaches came trotting by in the heat.

Harold said, “That’s really a hard working bunch – the coaches and the kids.” He said they all came out in the heat to wash cars. That kind of fundraising adds to a reputation. The work ethic might even help the athletes in a race.

-Did you notice that the light rain drizzled most of the day Tuesday? Of course you did.

During the morning weather guessing, Brandon Beck pointed to the large blob of rain west of us in Kansas and said it was supposed to go 200 miles south of us Monday evening. Hope he is wrong some more like that.

-Davis called us last Saturday evening just as he, Brooke and her parents were about to get on a cruise ship in New Orleans harbor. I lived in New Orleans for awhile and never saw its harbor.

He said 3,500 people were waiting to get on the ship, just about equal to the entire population of El Dorado Springs. Reckon it might be safer being out to sea with strangers?

At $2.50 a minute on shipboard, we will call him when he gets back on land.

-Adrian and some girl friends went to New Orleans last weekend for the Red Dress Run. Adrian wore her little red tu-tu again; however, they got up in time for the after-party not the run. Good plan, kiddo.

– I’ve discovered that some of Kimball’s plants appreciate my method of watering. I poke one hole in the bottom of a gallon milk jug with an ice pick. I sit the full jug of water by the plant and remove the cap from the jug. Her cleone’s are blooming like crazy. The lilac bush that hasn’t bloomed in two years is non-committal, but the stalk of red clover standing by it sure looks good. I haven’t helped Kimball with the Boultinghouse roses but they bloom every few days. Mom always called it, “The little monthly rose.”

O.K. that’s the extent of my gardening. I mowed the grass on roadside really low a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t recovered – just as I hoped.