Smell is unbearable

Posted August 16, 2012 at 10:12 am


First of all a BIG thank you to Suzie Ridgway for getting this out to the public, I think this is a concern that almost all of us in the El Dorado Springs Community and rural area have.

I live out north of 82 Hwy. and I can tell you the smell is unbearable. The odor has caused us to have to change our lifestyle tremendously, and NOT by choice I must add. For example: Our air conditioner has been on since April because we could not leave our windows open, which means our electric bill has been much higher sooner than in past years. We can no longer spend time outside on our deck or in our yard. We have to change our clothes immediately when we come back inside. Our vehicles reek from sitting out in the driveway. The smell has permeated now into our home, and our beds, pillows, curtains, furniture, etc. It makes it VERY hard to enjoy supper or eating anything for that matter! We have awakened to it numerous times in the middle of the night thinking someone had just thrown up right next to us or on us!! Just to name a few and there are plenty more.

To answer your question about where is the smell coming from I would be glad to answer that: Ted Thoreson (Thoreson Ranch) is who this lovely smell belongs to, so we can send our many “Thanks” to him. The rinse water or whey (I’m not for sure which it is) is brought in on a tank truck and is dumped down a hill in a pasture north of town that Thoreson Ranch owns. I have heard the “why”: Rinse water or some dairy by-product comes from a dairy plant.

As far as whether or not it is harmful? That’s a good question and I would like to know as well. My family has endured for quite sometime and quite frankly long enough!

The smell has made its way to Tiffin, down H Hwy., out West 54 and throughout our entire town. Homes that are trying to sell or rent on the north end of town will have a hard time doing so, I actually spoke to a individual who is renting a house on Main and wishes she would have had a warning about the smell. She would have relocated, which means this is affecting our business as well.

Should this be stopped? No question about it, absolutely! If the Thoreson family is getting paid to dump this excess waste, (which I’ve heard they are. I also heard they got paid a large amount from the last company they dumped for) I feel we should ALL get a cut for having to smell this horrendous odor. But more than that I and many others in the area I’m SURE would just like it STOPPED!

For those of you who attended the Annual El Dorado Springs Picnic, I’m sure overheard all the complaints by those attending and working the event about the stinky situation. I heard many Picnic goers say they were ready to leave because they were about to toss their corndogs. This means the odor affected food sales and the enjoyment of the Picnic in general, which everyone looks forward to.

I hope I have helped!! The more who respond to this issue, the better.

I hope everyone has a quality day and a NON smelly ride home from work!


A VERY concerned El Dorado Springs Citizen

Name withheld by request