The Rock Wall

Posted August 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

El Dorado Springs and Stockton are going to war Friday night in Stockton over a pig bladder to see who gets a wooden bowl for the year. 7 p.m. if you want to watch it.

Cedar Bowl football game.

– We didn’t have many comments on last week’s front page article about the odors. We haven’t been out walking any evening so I can’t comment on the smell or lack of it.

Tuesday at lunch, Tate Thoreson came over to our table and told us he has not received even one e-mail in response to his invitation in the article. However, Tate told us that he is going to spread the contents of the pond on the field, empty the pond and restock it with fish.

To my country boy ears, that sounds like the proper approach. I didn’t ask about his projected time frame. If you want to know, ask Tate when you see him.

– We haven’t started trying to sleep with the windows open yet. It’s cool enough in the mornings, but it takes Mother Nature too long to get there during the night.

– Davis, Brooke and her family made it back safely from their Carribean cruise. He sent a couple of nice presents – a coffee cup for Mom and a reptile T-shirt for me.

– I’ve probably told you before about our 4 1⁄2 lb. American Exotic named Bellevue which a lady in Stockton gave us several years ago. Weird little cat.

During the hot weather, she insisted on staying outside during the days. Couldn’t catch her and we’re not that good at cat herding. Now that the days are cooler, she wants to stay inside. When she is on her cat tower or favorite chair, we can pet her, but not otherwise. She does go to Kimball to get her head scratched when Kimball is watching TV.

That partnership was threatened Sunday morning. Bellevue likes to sleep in the brittle grass just off our north patio. Kimball saw that the little cat was totally zonked – head hung down, nose in the dirt, asleep – and decided to catch her.

Kimball, being the official cat person in our family, knew the best way to capture a sleeping cat: you sneak up close then grab the unsuspecting feline around the middle with both hands.

I’m sorry I missed the show because I’m pretty sure there won’t be another. Kimball now has several healing puncture wounds on both hands. Bellevue also hissed at her during the split second encounter.

Kimball apologized repeatedly the rest of the day and Bellevue just glared at her.

We haven’t had time to watch TV so we don’t know if Bellevue still wants her head scratched. We’re absolutely sure Kimball doesn’t want Bellevue to do anymore scratching.