The Rock Wall

Posted August 30, 2012 at 9:36 am

We are watching Hurricane Isaac since we have two bambinos in Louisiana. It reportedly hit Plaquemines Parish with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph at 6:45 p.m. CT Tuesday. He will move back out over West Bay before a second landfall between Grand Isle and Morgan City, LA, tonight.

I fished a bunch of bass tournaments in Plaquemines Parish and one out of Morgan City, so I used to know those areas well. Hurricane Katrina gave them a facelift.

We are hoping that a lot of the rain with come this way, just not too much, please. The City of ElDo is getting close to bidding the detention pond which engineers say will cut the storm surge in half for the downtown area.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have any idea that hurricanes could send rains up here, but I know that Dad did. As a farmer, he was acutely aware of the moisture situation at all times. I just left that up to him and to this day I have trouble retaining a weather forecast. Kimball must have had the same upbringing because when I ask her what the weather guesser just said, she usually doesn’t know either. So, we’ll back it up and sometimes igore it again. I often get distracted with more interesting thoughts.

– I was sorry to get the photo and obituary for Donis Gilbert Banks on Monday. I can’t recall when we were first in class together. Always friendly, non-controversial, just a nice person.

– And I got an obituary and photo on another friendly guy, Junior Bland, a protégé of Dad. I may have overheard some conversations around the old MFA Service Station between Junior and Dad about catfish lodged in logs and under rocks on Sac River getting a humanitarian release – into the frying pan. Or, maybe not. I do think he would have not needed an explanation about Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan’s interest in noodling.

– I received a request for your computer assistance. Please vote for Ben Vickers’ presentation of the National Anthem for El Dorado Springs at: I went to the link but didn’t have time to wait for the gear to finish spinning for it to come up. Be patient.

– Adrian and her boyfriend, Tony, are scheduled to arrive this Friday for a few days visit. Hope the hurricane doesn’t interfere with that.

When Kris and Chet Matzke brought their newborn, Bentley Shane, to church Sunday for the first time, I told them that right now their worries are little ones, but they will grow as he does. We’re up to 23 and 26-year-old worries with no end in sight.