The Rock Wall

Posted September 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

Adrian and Tony made it up Friday evening. She insisted on taking us to eat before I went to the football game. Adrian had her priorities in order. Kimball had told her there was nothing cooked at the house.

– When I got to the game, I had to look twice at the score – 8-0 ElDo. It was a really good and close game. Our young men played well.

-Adrian and Tony left about 9:45 Monday morning getting to Shreveport about 10 hours later after a stop in Fayetteville to have lunch with Juan Ruiz, one of her classmates.

– Schell City Fall Festival this weekend.

– Everybody I’ve talked to got four inches of rain or more. And the thankful comments include how slow and soaking was.

Have you stopped to consider the power that started that tropical depressing off the coast of Africa, brought it across the Atlantic and put rain in our gauges. I’m sorry for the people in Plaquemines Parish that took the brunt of the storm. I may still know some of those fine people.

I told Kimball I am so thankful that we moved out of Slidell and came here. All we missed was Katrina and Issac.

– Scott Morris’ daughter and family moved to Pacific, MO, from Hawaii. She soon learned that her new town schedules earthquakes.

When she felt a rumble on a Wednesday, she called her husband to tell him about the earthquake.

The next Wednesday there was another earthquake. And the next. And the next.

The town is located over a sand deposit where they mine more silicon sand than anywhere else in the world.

Blast more loose every Wednesday.