Bulldogs play well against Panthers

Posted September 6, 2012 at 11:46 am

Q. What do you have to say about the game with Knob Noster?

Coach Bob Ramsey – The kids played hard. We are a little out-mtached speed wise, but we hung in there and had a chance at the end. Turnovers got us. We had three they had zero. That was kinda the difference in the game.

Q. That pick 6 put them up. That was the difference wasn’t it?

Yep. The three turnovers – the interception, then we fumbled it down in our area, then we fumbled the kickoff. You can’t do that and beat a good team. And we still had our chances even with three turnovers. Take those three away and I think we got ’em, doggone it.

Q. I thought that Taylor was going to go all the way.

Yes, he broke it down to the 14, unfortunately we had a block in the back that brought it all back. Instead of being first and 10 on the 14, we were second and 25. It’s tough to overcome that.

Q. Do you think the wet field slowed them down any?

Sure, it kinda puts everybody at the same speed when you get a wet field. We are going to hope for a little bit of that rain coming in Friday because we are going to play Higginsville, who was No. 2 in the state. Since Lamar got beat, I assume Higginsville will take over that No. 1 spot. (Seneca beat Lamar 13-6.)

Higginsville has 10 seniors on offense and nine seniors on defense back from last year’s team that went to the state championship against Lamar.

Q. How did our guys look on defense?

I thought our defense played well. We were pretty even in every category except those turnovers. There was some breakdown in the coverage. They got a couple of big passes on us. We were able to contain their No. 1 who had four touchdown runs over 60 yards the week before. We knew we had to take him away to have a chance and we did a good job on him.

Unfortunately we gave up a big pass play for a touchdown. That one hurt. That was just a breakdown in coverage.

We will work on correcting those things and get ready for Higginsville.

Q. What did you think about the offense?

We are not explosive but we move the ball and we scored points. Those turnovers are critical. We controlled the line of scrimmage and moved the ball. We have to find a way to hang on to it so we don’t beat ourselves.

The kickoff, we just muffed it. The ball went between our legs. We went back to try to pick it up and fell down.

Q. Anything else you want people to know?

It’s a big one against Higginsville. They are probably going to come in No. 1 in the state. They are poised to go back to the state championship. It would be a great victory for us if we could knock them off. And they are ripe for the picking.

Q. Are they fast?

Oh, yeah. The fans need to come out and watch. They have a receiver, No. 23, that is committed to go to the University of Missouri. They have a couple of other kids who are committed to play college ball. So they have some very talented kids.

In the game with Knob Noster, the Bulldogs scored first with 6:10 left in the 1st quarter on a two yard run by Kason Schwalm. The James Dubois run was good. Score: 8-0 Bulldogs.

With 11:16 left in the second quarter, Lawbar made a 14 yard run for the Panthers. The Dillon run was good. Score: 8-8.

With 8:28 left in the first half, Lawber intercepted a pass and ran it 29 yards for the TD. The run failed. Score: Bulldogs – 8, Panthers – 14.

With 6:44 left in the half, Tanner Hixson busted through the defense line and was gaining ground on the defense when he crossed the goal line 51 yards away. The run failed. Score: 14-14.

With 5:50 left in the half. Lawger connected with Epperson in a 55 yards pass play. Lawber run was good. Score: Bulldogs – 14. Panthers – 22.

With 36 seconds left in the half, Lawber made a 5 yard run to the end zone. Lawber pass to Davis was good. Score: Bulldogs – 14. Knob Noster – 30.

With 5:25 left in the 3rd quarter, Schwalm made a five yard pass to Austin Jones. Schwalm run was good. Final score; Bulldogs – 22. Panthers – 30.

Each team made 14 first downs. The Bulldogs rushed for 189 yards, the Panthers for 182. The Bulldogs gain 19 yards in the air. Knob Noster gain 122.

The Bulldogs had 47 total plays. Knob Noster had 53.

Total offense for the Bulldogs was 208 yards in 24:32 minutes. The Panthers gained 304 yard in 23:28 minutes.

Tanner Hixson gained 113 yards on 18 carries for one 51 yard touchdown run.

James Dubois rushed for 58 yards on nine-yard carry.

Derrick Taylor carried the ball twice officially for 10 yards. But for a block in the back by a teammate, his total would have been much higher and so might the score.

Quarterback Kason Schwalm ran with the ball 14 times for eight yards and a TD.

Receiving, Lucas Garver caught one pass for 10 yards. Austin Jones caught a five-yard pass for a TD. Tanner Hixson caught one for four yards.

On defense, Kyle Collins had 10 solo tacklers, one a TFL (tackle for loss).

Colten Hedrick made five solo tackles, had four assists and one TFL.

Tanner Hixson had six solo tackles, one assist and one TFL.

James Dubois made six solo tackles.

Jacob Bowman had one solo tackle and four assists.

Lucas Garver made four solo tackles.

Robert Keith had three solo tackles and one assist.

Austin Jones made two solo tackles and had one assist.

Hayden Harper had three assists.

Steven Taylor made one solo tackle and had one assist.

Dylan Ford had one assist.


Football 3cc  _mg_5802 .tif

HIXSON OFF TO THE RACES – Senior Bulldog Tanner Hixson (No. 37) is listed as a 5’5″ running back/safety. His speed is classified. With 6:44 before the half, Tanner busted through the line and gained on the Panther defenders all the way to the goal line 51 yards away. The chain link fences around the visitor bleachers kept visitors from falling out.

Football 3cc  _mg_5792 .tif

NOT ON MY TURF – James Dubois (No. 2) cut down the Panther runner about mid-field with a convincing open-field tackle.

Football 3cc  _mg_5830 .tif

OH, SO CLOSE – Late in the game, with the Panthers leading 30-22, Derrick Taylor, who spent all last year on the sidelines with a broken foot, got his chance to shine and he did. Breaking through the Panther line, he headed for the south goal with the pack in pursuit. They finally hauled him down at the 14. Coach Bob Ramsey said he held his breath as he scanned back down the field for a flag. He said, “Oh, no” when he saw one. A block in the back nullified Taylor’s big gain.

Football 3cc  _mg_5845 (1) .tif

UP THE GUT – Bulldog Quarterback Kason Schwalm, late in the game, made one of his 14 carries with the ball right up the middle.

Football 3cc  _mg_5822 .tif

HIGH SPEED SKID – The wet field didn’t just slow down the speedy Panthers, it took the feet out from under James Dubois when he was about to get around the end and get a whif of paydirt.