Is Mike Smitley a Cedar County resident?

Posted September 6, 2012 at 12:45 pm


Thank you Mike Smitley for your response, it as not what I expected, unless you have a hidden agenda. I wrote the editor and asked Mike Smitley to answer a few reasonable questions that he refused to answer for the El Dorado Springs Sun Newspaper that the citizens have the right to know; therefore, Mike Smitley came back being aggressive and unprofessional.

1. Do you maintain another residence? You refused to answer; you stated that you lived in Cedar County for five years. Then where do your children go to school?

2. How long? List your years of experience in law enforcement? Where and how long at each position. I appreciate that you showed your professionalism and years of training bringing forth my so called past record, let me share with you a few, I do know your kind:

A) Dade County sheriff arrested me for trying to help a woman form being assaulted, due to this I was charged for destruction of private property and attempt of burglary. If it were not for Deputy Miller of Cedar County, I would have served 10 years. Charges dissolved, I then sued Dade County.

B) Barton County sheriff was malicious in prosecutions I filed a few habeas corpuses and, got charges dismissed. I got two people indicted for meth charges; I was arrested for practicing law without a license, whereas I took it to trial and won my case.

C) You accused me before thoroughly investigating the facts of to cases of killing wild life. I always buy my lawful tags to hunt, trap and fish; I was trapping on Horse Creek and caught a domestic dog. The resident called the conservation officer Campbell. He conducted an investigation and found no name on the trap. An $80 ticket was issued. I trapped a bobcat in Cedar County and tried to give it to the Two x Two Zoo in El Dorado Springs. I then contacted the Conservation and they informed me that only an officer of the conservation could surrender the wild life to the zoo. I kept the cat after season ended and got a ticket for having wild life out of season, $180 fine. The Conservation then had me release it unharmed and very well alive. You need to learn to read the courts footnotes to gain the facts. It is public record. You made rookie mistakes.

3. Endorsement.

A) Can you get any? I thought I would help by defining resident taxes. This is being questioned. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan stated a cup of coffee is sufficient enough to satisfy their tax needs. Define a sales tax. What a joke.

Mike Smitley stated that he has been a resident of Cedar County for the last five years. Mike Smitley has filed an exemption from 2010 to 2011 because he became a Cedar County resident Jan. 1 of that year. There are three years in question. Mike Smitley would not have to file for an exemption 2011 if he had been a resident for the last five years. Tax exemptions are for new residents who have not resided long enough to owe a residential tax. Mike Smitley submitted enough legal documents to show 2012 to 2011, he owed no residential tax in Cedar County as for he was a new resident for that year. RSMo 57.010 defines a person qualifications- certificate of election. A resident tax payer/voter and resided in the county for one year of said county running for sheriff.

I called Jefferson City and asked about resident tax payers, defined. Their answer to me was, Missouri Court in state ex lnf.mitchell ex rel. Goodman v. Heath (mo 1939, found that school board member was a resident taxpayer by virtue paying property taxes on his personal property within the district. For Mike Smitley this would be Cedar County, Stockton MO. I thought you were confused and lost, so I went to the court house and the city collectors office and I have a copy of Smitley, Mike taxes 2010 exempt for 2011 and moved here after Jan. 1 of that year.

I, Bobby Dearman, am convinced even though Mike Smitley paid his taxes in Jackson County from 2009 to 2011 and was exempt from Cedar County taxes for 2010 to 2011 and even though he may of paid sales tax, I do not believe that the rules held under the RSMo 57.010 as a Cedar County tax payer have been met.

Bobby Dearman

Jerico Springs