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Posted September 6, 2012 at 12:47 pm


It appears that Kenny Long of the El Dorado Spring Sun has again duped yet another self-proclaimed community watchdog into doing his mud-slinging for him. Mr. Michael Atkinson of Stockton has submitted a letter to the editor alleging the same erroneous allegations as Mr. Dearman of Jerico Springs.

An examination of the issues raised and the venomous writing style leads one to believe the same person wrote both letters, and it is unlikely that both Mr. Dearman and Mr. Atkinson decided to launch their investigations simultaneously and independent of any outside influence. And judging by available court records ( and Mr. Atkinson’s deliberate misrepresentation of facts, his character is as questionable as Mr. Dearman’s. Gentlemen, if you are trying to be community watchdogs, the citizens of Cedar County would be at far less risk if you would stop exposing them to your own unethical behavior rather than trying to transfer your character flaws on to other people.

Mr. Atkinson, you essentially raise the same issues that Mr. Long and Mr. Dearman have raised, and I have already answered those questions. However, you go one step further and support your accusations with testimony from unidentified people in Junction City that you claim to have talked to. As many times as you have been a defendant in court, you should be more familiar with the rules of evidence than to try a stunt like that. Accusations based on testimony that you have made up and supported by fictitious people only prove your own lack of integrity. You don’t have the names of those people because they don’t exist!

Mr. Atkinson, if you had wanted confirmation of my residency status, you only needed to contact me and I would have met with you and showed you my documentation. But judging by your court records, the straightforward and honest approach to problem solving is not your style.

It is apparent to me that neither Mr. Long nor any of the unscrupulous self-proclaimed watchdogs that he manipulates can be trusted to represent the facts accurately, so to the voters of Cedar County, please accept this offer. I will have with me at all times a copy of the internet article that Mr. Long, Mr. Dearman and Mr. Atkinson have misquoted along with a copy of my last evaluation from the City Manager at Junction City in which he gave me an “Outstanding” rating. I will also have with me documentation that I have met all the residency mandates outlined by State Statute. When you see me campaigning, feel free to ask me to show you these documents and I will let you read the truth for yourself.

There will also be some upcoming forums where voters can ask critical questions of the candidates. I will produce these documents in those forums also. I will not, however, participate in Kenny Long’s witch-hunt or allow him to draw me into a mud-slinging contest that demeans my character and shifts attention away from the real issues of this election. This is my second response to the same false allegations. I will likely not respond again to the same allegations. I have met all the statutory requirements to run for office, and the County Clerk has certified my eligibility to run for the office of Sheriff. You the voters have to decide on Nov. 6 what is really important, how much dirt is slung or who is the most qualified person to administer the Sheriff’s Office.

Mike Smitley