City council hears about unsightly brush

Posted September 13, 2012 at 10:04 am

The El Dorado Springs City Council heard from concerned citizens living on East Twyman, Sunset and in the Senior housing on Allison Road. During their meeting on Monday, Sept. 10, Donna and Dwain Stewart and Bonnie Nelsen met with the council over their concerns about the 12 – 15 brush piles on the 6 1/2 acres owned by Cody Eck and Joseph Neilsen located east of where East Twyman dead ends.

Councilmen Gene Floyd, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin were present as were Mayor Brad True, City Manager Bruce Rogers, City Clerk Lisa Allison, Municipal Services Director Jeff Koger, Fire Chief Owen Elliot and Building and Grounds Director John Burrus. Councilman Jerry Friar was absent.

Mrs. Stewart asked, “When Sue Kohn, (who also lives on Twyman), called and complained what happened?”

Rogers responded “I called Cody.”

Mrs. Stewart said she first complained about the brush in April. Rogers explained that all the city can do under the current ordinances is to ticket the owners.

“I want something done,” she said.

Floyd said that he felt that a certain amount of time was needed to take care of the problem.

Mrs. Stewart replied, “If there’s nothing done about it this weekend, I’m calling my attorney. I’ve called Bruce every Friday for four weeks.”

Baldwin promised that the council would take action.

Stewart said, “A small fine won’t do anything.”

Bruce said, “That’s our only recourse.”

Bonnie Nelson said that the brush piles are a fire hazard and could cause major damage. She said the piles are full of animals that could be dangerous and carry diseases.

Floyd said, “It has to be hauled away. I’ll be monitoring this. I think the gentlemen would want to make a commitment to get this taken care of.”

Rogers mentioned that in the past the area had been hayed. Stewart said it had not been hayed since 2000. Dwain Stewart said that there were stumps and roots, etc., on the property and no one would want to put their good haying equipment in there.

True said, “Let’s see what happens this weekend.”

Stewart also stated that there was a pee wee ball game at the field going on Monday and cars were parked in no parking areas and she couldn’t get out of her drive way. She said she called the police and she was told that the offenders would be warned.

Baldwin said “That’s a different issue.”

There was a general discussion about re-visiting the current ordinances.

The property has been owned by Eck and Neilsen since July 2011.

Stewart asked if Rogers would call her with any information about plans for a clean-up.

True read and signed a proclamation marking the 225th anniversary of the drafting of the Constitution of the United States and designating Sept. 17 – 23 as Constitution Week.

Rogers said that residential bulky trash pick-up will be Oct. 15 – 19; leaf pick–up will be Nov, 12 – 16, Nov. 26 – 30 and Oct. 10 – 14. Call 417/623-6620 for more information/

Rogers said the scrap tire pick-up was completed with one and 1⁄2 semi trailers filled with used tires. The event was sponsored by Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Rogers also said that he’ll review the plans for the detention basin and then the bids will go out.

The budget work session followed.

Tuesday, Rogers said department heads presented their budget requests to the council which included their capital outlay requests. No decisions were made. The largest single item requested was from Jeff Koger who requested a used oil distributor truck for an estimated $50,000. The police department requested a new animal control truck there was $6,000 requested for repairs to the cemetery roads, four sets of turn out gear for the fire department, a new broom for the street department’s street sweeping machine, a new computer for the municipal court and two new elliptical trainers for the weight room.

Rogers said the airport grant and the storm water detention basin are already in the capital improvement budget for this year.