Good news and bad news from Mercy Clinic

Posted September 13, 2012 at 10:05 am

First, for the good news – Sam Watts, MD, a board-certified family practice physician, will join the team of providers at Mercy Clinic – El Dorado Springs on a part-time/consulting basis.

Dr. Watts has practiced with St. John’s/Mercy Clinic for more than 20 years in the Mt. Vernon area. Dr. Watts actually lives just south of Jerico Springs and has agreed to help out as we continue to recruit another full-time physician for the practice. Dr. Watts graduated from the University of Missouri Medical School and has worked in the Aurora and Mt. Vernon area since residency.

Now for the bad news – Mercy Clinic is disappointed to announce that Dr. Mike Shoemaker will depart from his practice in El Dorado Springs effective Dec. 1. Dr. Shoemaker has chosen to accept a business opportunity closer to his home and family in Osceola.

Mercy Clinic continues recruitment efforts to find full-time physicians to join the El Dorado Springs practice on a full-time basis. In the meantime, Dr. Rick Casey, Rod White, PA-C, and Toni Cozad, FNP, will continue to provide daily patient care. Dr. Watts will be available every other Friday beginning in November 2012. Other immediate plans for meeting the demands of patient care in our practice are to add another full time Nurse Practitioner as soon as possible.

Mercy Clinic is committed to providing quality health care in the El Dorado Springs community and is working to continue our long-standing tradition of patient care. We appreciate the community’s support and trust in our practice and look forward to the time when we are fully staffed with more full-time physicians.