Akin’s endorsement reaffirmed by Farm Bureau FARM-PAC

Posted September 13, 2012 at 2:18 pm

After revisiting their endorsement, Missouri Farm Bureau FARM-PAC trustees once again voted overwhelmingly to support Congressman Todd Akin for the U.S. Senate. The FARM-PAC trustees represent the county Farm Bureaus which are located in every Missouri county.

In telephone conference calls conducted Sept. 5 through 11, FARM-PAC trustees representing 104 counties participated and voted to support Congressman Akin with results similar to the Aug. 10 endorsement. A two-thirds vote is needed for a FARM-PAC endorsement.

“During the conference calls, some of our members brought up the statement made by Congressman Akin last month; however, they accepted his apology and reaffirmed this election is still about issues such as moving our country in a better direction, getting the federal deficit under control, eliminating needless government regulations and creating more jobs,” said Blake Hurst, president of Missouri Farm Bureau.

“Our FARM-PAC trustees take our endorsements very seriously, and I am proud of their efforts. Even though reconsideration of an endorsement is unprecedented for us, we have maintained a process that is fair, thorough and at the grassroots of rural Missouri,” said Hurst.

On a related note, Congressman Akin fared well in the Missouri State Fair Straw Poll conducted Aug. 9 through 19 where he received 73% of the vote. “The Straw Poll is a fun activity Missouri Farm Bureau conducts each election year, and while not scientific, the Straw Poll in its 32 year history has accurately predicted who rural Missouri voters will support in November,” Hurst said.

The following is the percentage breakdown of the 6,290 ballots cast by fairgoers in the Straw Poll:

U.S. President: Romney – 76%; Obama – 24%

U.S. Senator: Akin – 73%; McCaskill – 27%

Missouri Governor: Spence – 58%; Nixon – 42%