The Game of Gold

Posted September 13, 2012 at 2:46 pm

by Kylie Goodwin

El Dorado Springs High School presents a once-in-a-lifetime performance of the jaw dropping, suspense filled, dying-of laughter performance written by Tom Taggart: The Game of Gold! This year’s auditions were tough, with 40 students (twenty boys and twenty girls) from Middle and High School auditioning for the chance to perform in our rootin’ tootin’ melodrama with a sadly limited amount of cast. With only 14 parts to be filled the sponsors were stuck with a hard decision as to who to choose. At this time the 2012 cast and crew members will be announced.


Ned Harris (Benjamin Vickers), Wild Bill Hickok (Kyle Robertson), Blackman Redburn (Dakota Otte) Judge Nix (Cameron Collins), Pong Ping (Brandon Compton), Chet (Caleb Alexander), Sheriff Loveless (Dakota Hampton),

Miners/ Toughs (Ryan Johnson, Darrien Roberts, Travis Cameron, Landon Mays, Jacob Sharp) Lily Blossom (Katie Bruggeman), Rose Blossom (Kylie Goodwin),

Calamity Jane (Michaela Leedy), La Paloma (Becci Rohmann), Molly Loveless (Sophia Marsh), Teetotal Tessie (Sydney Robertson), Piano Annie (Hope Creekmore), Barmaids (Ashley Brown, Hannah Robertson, Hannah Kruckenberg), Crusaders (Brenna Dipman, Alissa Steward, Bailey Tyler)


Assistant Director (Season Miller, Derek White), Stage Manager (Carolyn Todd), Light Board Operator (Tyler Goatley, Colton Hedrick), Spotlight operator (Robert Chastain, Jonathan Witter), Sound Designer (Andrea Nikodim), Sound Board Operator (Emily Marbough), Sound Board Set up (Travis Cameron), Box Office Manager (Taylor North), Photographer (Destyni Hall, Dakota Hampton, Glen Pearson), House Manager (Tommy Cornejo), Assistant House Manager (Traven Buxton, Samantha Cox, Brooke Murdock, Allaura Stockbauer),

Properties (Janel Brown, Ryan Johnson, Ricky Rash), Publicity Director (Sophia Marsh, Kylie Goodwin), Technical Theater Set and Production Crew (Randon Alexander, Ashley Brown, Davin Buckley, Chaz Carney, Hope Creekmore, Ashlee Hicks, Trevor Hicks, Bobby Huber, Michaela Leedy, Tristin Lightwine, Emily Marbough, Micah Marbough, Jon Micklich, Taylor North, Dakota Otte), Set Crew (Anna Cartwright, Ryan Johnson, Caleb Miller, Chance Miller, Kaylee Mills, Glen Pearson, Darcy Resz), Light Crew (Tyler Goatley, Glen Pearson), Running Crew (Alex O Banion), Wardrobe Manager (Hope Creekmore, Brenna Dipman, Destyni Hall, Brooke Murdock), Makeup and Hair (Samantha Cox, Tiffany Gardner, Kaylee Griggs, Michaela Leedy, Sophia Marsh, Becci Rohmann, Allaura Stockbauer), Curtain (Cameron Collins), Usher (Emily McThompson, Kelsey Penn), Director (Nicole Smith), Playmeister (Kevin Rentel), Smith-in-Training (Rachel Todd), Accompanist (Sandra Stewart)

Don’t forget to come and watch on November 8, 9 and 10. This is one play you won’t want to miss.

This year’s fall play will be that of great mystery and humor. Set back in the old west during the days where people cringed at the name of a man called Deadwood Dick, known scoundrel to the small little town of Deadwood, SD, and its surrounding areas. When a beautiful young gal (Rose) goes missing, kidnapped by the conniving thief, her brave sister (Lily) goes off to find someone to aid in her rescue. Forced to stay in a saloon owned by the notorious Calamity Jane she is subjected to all kinds of rude and rather unwanted company. This is when she finds the two gallant cowboys Ned Harris and Bill Hickok who jump at the chance to assist in Rose’s rescue. As the story goes on and secrets unfold, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat laughing.