Less than impressed with candidate Mike Smitley

Posted September 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm


I am writing in regards to letters submitted by concerned citizens about the sheriff candidate, Michael Smitley. Both letters addressed nearly the same thing. What interested me more than anything was the response Mr. Smitley made to address these concerns. I do not believe Mr. Smitley answered any of the questions set forth, but seemed more interested in writing a lengthy rebuttal that says nothing. He also seemed more interested in attacking the messengers than in addressing the concerns of Cedar County voters.

This causes me real concern if Mr. Smitley is elected sheriff, he will use his office to belittle and attack persons who may have concerns and disagreements. Mr. Smitley presented himself in a very autocratic manor. His responses seemed more of an emotional outburst because others disagreed with him. The information Mr. Atkinson talked about is indeed on the web and I thought Mr. Atkinson’s letter was also very respectful.

Since Mr. Smitley is very well known as a writer of fictional books, I must assume his responses to local papers is also fictional.

Therefore, Mr. Smitley, I was less than impressed with your demeanor thus far, as you have showed a total lack of professionalism. Your responses thus far, in my opinion, have been more emotional responses than one of a person in public trust. I have never seen a candidate who claims to have as much experience as you but is unwilling to be straightforward and provide evidence. If a person questions the validly of such statements, you attack them, thus still not providing factual information to allow voters to make logical decisions, as to your qualities. Further you have not answered any questions, but had to lay a foundation as to why persons would question your claims.

Extremely disappointed this is the best the Democratic Party has to offer.

Inez Collier

Stockton, MO