Smitley wrong on Atkinson record

Posted September 13, 2012 at 3:17 pm


I would like to respond to Mr. Smitley’s rebuttal letter to me and others.

Mr. Smitley, let me clarify, I do not know you, and to my knowledge, have never met you. I can also say I have never met Mr. Long, nor have I even met Mr. Dearman, nor talked with him.

You have stated I have manipulated the truth concerning fictitious persons, unmanned from Junction City KS. You also advised these persons do not exist. My letter clearly stated this information was on the web and I can say I read this information and asked you direct questions, merely to address these concerns. I did not list these complaints, as I also stated in my letter, these may have been rumors. I simply requested you to submit documentation to prove your background. This information has nothing to do with the letter released to the news media from the Junction City Administrator.

Your information released from the newspaper article through the city administrator is factual. Therefore, I don’t think you read my letter very closely. As again your answers did not reflect what was requested in my letter. All I asked for is a letter from Junction City to verify what you have maintained, you resigned on your own accord and not under any pressure to resign. You maintain you carry your last evaluation, I have no reason to dispute the evaluation was excellent. You also could have printed this information when you wrote the first rebuttal letter or offered it. This might have stopped myself and others from requesting information. On the web just type TOPIX and your name, for that matter, anyone who has access to the web can also do this search. And you can then read what I have read. These are entries from people who live in Junction City. Do I know them? No. Have I talked to them? No. Are these rumors? I have no idea.

Mr. Smitley, in your rebuttal letter, you advised I have been a defendant in several court hearings. Mr. Smitley, I have never been arrested, never been charged, have never been on probation or parole and as far as I know, never been a suspect for anything. I also have no record. You really need to freshen up on your investigative skills. I am sure there must be 10,000 persons with my name in the United States. Case net has 300 or more and Cedar County has seven listed and they don’t appear to be the same persons. Also remember family members can and do pass on family names.

Mr. Smitley, your rebuttals have shown me a substantial character flaw. I can see now, if you were elected sheriff, you would use your office in an attempt to intimidate persons who may disagree with you, this is too bad, as your background suggests you are a very intelligent person.

I can tell you are not going to assist voters of Cedar County concerning your background; evidently you have your own agenda. I hope voters see what I see, if not, Good luck Mr. Smitley.

Michael Atkinson

Stockton, MO