My heart aches for Cassy Bray

Posted September 13, 2012 at 3:19 pm


My heart aches for Cassy Bray and the loss of her beloved pet.

People who are cruel to animals often end being child abusers. That is just one reason that it is hard to understand WHY some authorities simply ignore it. I hope the Sherriff was sincere when he promised to ‘try’ to do something about this atrocity. It is unconscionable that anyone in public office would callously remark, “Well, it is only a cat.”

The senseless taking of any life is terribly cruel. For this very reason P.E.T.A. was formed several years ago. They have made great strides to stamp out cruelty to animals. There is a possibility they would be more than happy to take on Vernon County, MO for their lack of enforcing Missouri’s anti-animal cruelty laws.

I tried to call Cassy to give their phone number and street address to her, but unfortunately was un-able to get a phone number for her.

Here is P.E.T.A. ‘s address for anyone that might need it to report animal abuse.


501 Front Street

Norfolk VA 23510


Don’t give up, Cassy…and God bless your efforts.

Fawn E. Witten

Chino Hills, CA