The Rock Wall

Posted September 20, 2012 at 10:05 am

Kenny’s instructions were to be entertaining.

“Don’t just give them a schedule,” he said.

I’ve already done that, but I will sneak in this tidbit: the Lions Club is bringing the Kelly Miller circus back to town on Sunday, Oct. 21. That should be entertaining.

I had the pleasure of attending, for about 45 minutes, the 1943 class reunion Tuesday. The 14 members out of a class of 131 who were able to attend are still talking to each other. Terri Heitz and Lana Wilson made a brief appearance to say hello to their uncle, Evan Caywood. Ruby Sherman is in that class – a loyal Sun reader. Believe me she doesn’t hesitate one second to call if her newspaper doesn’t arrive in her mailbox exactly when it is supposed to. Evelyn Harvey reminded me that she was the one that told me I was pregnant, but we didn’t know it at the time, with Adrian. She was working at Dr. Magee’s office then. Gene Lowe made his appearance by tap dancing into the room. At the time to take the picture, he removed his cap and asked my personal opinion about his hair. Was it combed correctly? I had to leave about 12:30, but they would stay until 2:30 reminiscing and deciding if they where going to do a 7-0 next year. I told Pauline Hlavcek that I didn’t believe we had ever photographed a 69th class reunion, much less a 70th.

I’ve thought for some time that I should record my favorite TV shows and watch them all on Saturday. That would insure that all my work – whether house work, work work or play work was done by 8 a.m. or so on Saturday morning and I could spend the day as a couch potato engrossed in police work and ..well police work, mostly. I wonder if El Dorado Springs hatched a crop of gang violence or master thievery or any other such non legal activity other than what we’ve already got, would I be prepared to render any sort of assistance to the local law enforcement officials due my extensive training via television? I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours to become proficient in whatever it is you’re striving to do. Anything. Even being a cat burglar. After 10,000 hours of catting around you’re an expert. What I want to know is, does watching your chosen activity on TV count? Or does it just make you an expert at watching TV?

Driving home the other night, after a lovely day of showers, I saw two skunks, two deer and two armadillos. They were all traveling south to north. As I was going east, I caught myself before I made a quick glance over my left shoulder looking for an ark.