Priscilla, in boots

Posted September 27, 2012 at 10:27 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Week of Sept. 17: Marilyn Entrikin played bingo on Friday. She didn’t win, but the cookies and lemonade were good.

Doug Wingate from Nevada stopped by to see Tex McKinley this week. They did some more trading.

Marilyn Entrikin went to Calvary Baptist Church in Nevada Sunday evening. Chris Entrikin’s son, Brett, was preaching Sunday night. Brett’s wife, Loretta and Chris, Kyla and Kyla’s mom, Joy Carson, came with him. Grandma Marilyn thought Brett did a really good job.

Tex McKinley unloaded E.J. Wingate’s tree branches off his trailer at Grandma Vaaca’s house last week. Lil and Doug had a tree in their back yard that needed to come down. So clean up is necessary.

Week of Sept. 24: Jim and Peggy Entrikin’s granddaughters, Bri and Brook, are visiting from California. Jim and the girls came for lunch at grandma Marilyn Entrikin Sunday. Bri is three and Brook is one. They have so much energy. They had lots of fun and some cute pictures were taken. Their mom, Tanya, took the opportunity to go to the mall. Jim took them to the park after leaving Grandma Marilyn’s house. I bet he slept well that night.

I had a call this week from Mary Miller from Butler, I’m always glad to hear from her. We talked quite a while. It seems like we always talk about what we had done years ago. A good laugh is always good for most people. Her husband, John, is in a nursing home right now.

I usually see Tersea Brewer at Wal-Mart but not today. As Tex McKinley and I were leaving Burger King we see a red pick-up with a arm out of the window waving. Taking a second to think, I realized its Tersea and her family.

Lately our mama cat, Priscilla, has been coming into the house and disappearing. What gave away where she was, was the fact that every once in a while when the other cats would come in or leave, they would stop at the front door and look at our rubber boots. After investigating, we looked and saw Priscilla lying on top of the boots fast asleep in catnap time.

Doug Wingate stopped by Friday, night to visit with Tex McKinley and Dora Jean. We had fun just talking and laughing about things.