Posted September 27, 2012 at 11:48 am

Old trott line buddies 3cc .tif

Good times were brought to memory as James (Coon) Coleman, Ron (Swamp Fox) Hubbard, Kennie (Zombie) Hamilton, Cletis (Grasshopper) Leonard and Dwain (Riffle) Witt got together in the picture shown above.

The nicknames given to each fisherman have a meaning that applies to each person and was tagged by Coon Coleman. Witt, Leonard and Hamilton all lived and raised their families in the Black Jack vicinity with in a mile from the Vilhauer Bluff Bridge. Sac River held boyhood memories sacred and they swam and fished her regularly.

Coleman and Hubbard started trotline fishing together in the early 60s, and chose the Osage for their fishing location. Naturally a competition between Sac River and Osage River evolved and comparison of biggest and number was monitored closely. The Black Jack boys held the biggest Flathead caught at 47 lbs. until June of 71 when the Osage River Rats Flathead tipped the scales at 55 lbs. 5 oz.

A ceremony at the old Phillips 66 station owned by Dwain Witt was conducted. Zombie Hamilton, who had landed the 47 pounder, crowned Coon Coleman, who landed the 55 pounder, Catfish King.

All the guys have discontinued trotline fishing except Hubbard. He and his son, Kennie, still set lines in May and early fall. Last spring four generations were running lines on Truman Lake Ron, Kennie, Ryan and three year old Issac. And the story goes on.