The RocK Wall

Posted October 4, 2012 at 9:25 am

Bo Simmons, who is on the Senior Center board with Kimball, likes cats and found her mishap amusing with getting nailed (literally) when she grabbed the sleeping Bellevue around the middle. Beau wouldn’t go so far as to tell her it was a bad idea or not to do it again – although that may be self-evident to everyone now. Beau just offered to loan Kimball his welding gloves.

Now, Beau, those gloves need to go a long ways up her arms. Bellevue is a 4 1⁄2 lb. cat but has a Wilt Chamberlin reach. Do you have a leather apron and maybe an extra welding mask?

– Caddeaux is approaching normal, for him. He started sleeping on our bed at few nights ago, at Kimball’s feet. I move around too much for him to be on my side. One night I awoke with him curled up between our pillows.

Sunday morning he was in the bathroom when Bella came in. He took a halfhearted swat at her as she noticed his attention and ran. A while later, he took a swat at Bellevue as she walked by. We may get him some welding gloves.

He is starting to halfway raise his tail. Before he got chewed up, his favorite pose was back arched and fluffy tail straight up.

Kimball gave him the last of the antibiotic yesterday so he’s officially well, right?

– Cell phone first aid. I think I told you about taking my cell phone for a dip in Sac River back during the summer. Cari Spillman at The Phone Booth told me to freeze it, then thaw it out in alcohol. After that, I put it in rice for an hour or so, but had a better idea and put it under my shoe on the Peet boot dryer.

A day later, after Cari sold me a new battery, my phone was almost normal with only a slight gurgle to its voice.

Well, last Saturday, after a test spin, I was putting my boat back on the trailer and tried to hook up the winch strap. I had my cell phone on my right side so I could have my needle nose on my left. While I lay on the front deck trying to connect the hook, I heard something hit the gunnel and plunk into Stockton Lake. I could see my phone plainly in about a foot of water on the launching ramp.

I bailed out the other side of the boat, hooked up the strap then leisurely retrieved my phone thinking it was ruined. I was surprised when I noticed it was trying to come on, which meant I had battery life. I pulled the battery.

When I got home, I put the phone in the freezer for a couple of hours, then thawed it in alcohol. I put it under one tennis shoe on the boot dryer and the battery under the other one.

Monday morning, I re-installed the battery and pushed the on button. Bingo, it came on. Everything appeared normal. I tried the voice function and it sounded better than before – before the second dunking but not the first. I think I’ll put it back on the boot dryer for a day or so to see if I can completely dry out the annoying voice.

I called Cari and she thinks my phone has a hard life.