One Ring Wonder returns to El Dorado Springs

Posted October 4, 2012 at 9:32 am

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The El Dorado Springs Lions Club is once again bringing the Kelly Miller Circus, known as America’s One Ring Wonder, back to El Dorado Springs on Sunday, Oct. 21, for two performances.

The tent goes up at 9 a.m. with shows at 2 and 5 p.m. on the lot between Fugate Motors and Summer Fresh on Hwy. 54. Advance tickets: adult – $10, children- $6. Day of show: adults – $15 and children – $7.

Advance ticket sales are at H&R Block, Shelter Insurance, Evan’s Drug, Woods Supermarket, Summer Fresh Supermarket, Fugate Motors and Allison’s Convenience Store.

This year’s featured acts include:

Ponderous Pachyderms – The biggest stars in show business – Lisa, Tracy and Becky, the amazing Asian elephants;

Silk Road Camels – Midnight at the oasis with Mike Rices’ “ships of the desert” and a zebra;

Penelope and her puppies of Penzance – The SS Dogpaddle sails into the circus ring with a crew of salty dogs;

Raul Olivares – The whirlwind wizard of juggling – even juggling five ping pong balls in his mouth;

Duo Delara – Bring grace and daring to their aerial performance and heart stopping entertainment to those on the ground;

Ryan Holder – The world’s youngest tiger trainer puts his sleek jungle giants through their paces;

The Enchanting Miss Rebecca – More aerial excitement direct from her appearance in the movie “Water for Elephants;”

Clown alley – Masters of mirth and crafted chaos;

Fusco Gauchos – Argentine acrobatics, juggling and drums;

Fridman Torales – Peruvian acrobat balancing on a board on top of a rolling cylinder at the top of a crow’s nest on a pirate ship;

Tony the Clown – The magical King of Comedy.

The staff and management of the Kelly Miller Circus is deeply committed to the animals that work for them. They do not tolerate cruelty and the relationships between the handlers and animals are based on trust. The circus only travels in the very early cool morning hours and the animals have custom built enclosures. The circus is regulated and licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and is subject to routine and on- the-spot inspections. The circus is a member of the Endangered Ark Foundation and their elephants participate in the EAF’s breeding program.

The circus, founded in 1938, is celebrating its 74th year featuring the history and tradition of an old fashioned circus.