Homecoming royalty candidates

Posted October 4, 2012 at 11:14 am

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1st SENIOR CANDIDATES – The first Senior Queen Candidate is Hannah Bruggeman, the daughter of Mark and Sherry Bruggeman. The first Senior King Candidate is Jacob Bowman.

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2nd SENIOR CANDIDATES – The next Senior Queen Candidate is Shay Thomas, the daughter of Jeff Janes and Jill Thomas. The next Senior King Candidate is Koty Steward, the son of Mike and Darla Steward.

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3rd SENIOR CANDIDATES – The third Senior Queen candidate is Payton Hallford, the daughter of Dennis and Darlene Hallford. The third Senior King Candidate is Tanner Hixson, the son of Kevin and Julie Hixson.

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4th SENIOR CANDIDATES – The final Senior Queen Candidate is Liz Clark, the daughter of Jerry Clark. The final Senior King Candidate is Derrick Taylor, the son of Dave and Jan Taylor. The 2011 Homecoming King is Brendan Fast. Brendan is the son of Kevin and Stacy Fast. He is currently working at 3M in Nevada.

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JUNIORS – The junior princess is Fallyn Ozbun, the daughter of Derek and Jackie Strydom. The junior prince is Haden Harper, the son of Barry Harper and Kristen Wood.

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SOPHOMORES – The sophomore princess is Kristen Lackey, the daughter of Perry and Sandy Lackey. The sophomore prince is Steven Taylor, son of Dave and Jan Taylor.

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FRESHMEN – The freshman princess is Cameron McPeak, daughter of Eric and Kelly McPeak. The freshman prince is Landen Smith, son of Carl and Melisa Smith. Her future plans include graduating high school and going to college. Her favorite tv show is Duck Dynasty and her role model is her sister, Regan. When asked if she could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, Cameron said, “Ireland, because it seems like a beautiful country.”