Posted October 4, 2012 at 11:38 am

Aug 28 – Report of possible overdose, sent Eldo PD

Ambulance request: 107 E Broadway Bolivar; 2250 S 1001; Walk-in-Clinic Stockton; CCMH

Aug 29 – Ashton Jean Finley taken into custody for DWR

Jesse W Dunn taken into custody for MIP

Report of suspicious neighbors/trespassing at 4956 E 800 Rd

Ambulance request: 13295 S 825; 23267 E N Hwy; Casey’s General Store Stockton; 1521 S 3rd St Stockton; 113 Winner Rd

Aug 30 – Report of a check the well being of a child

Report of domestic at Orleans Trail.

Report of attempted burglary at 3360 S Hwy 39

Gary Pate taken into custody for stealing, burglary 2nd degree.

Report of neighbor dispute, 11020 S 541 Rd

Ambulance request: 1119 Maplewood; 13295 S 825 Rd; 1316 S Elizabeth; 701 Owen Mill

Aug 31 – Alicia C. Campbell taken into custody for failed to appear X 3 counts of possession of contraband to jail

Shane T Lakin taken into custody on a Cedar County failed to appear warrant.

Jerico Fire Dept responded to structure fire

Report of neighbor’s dead cow on his property

Report of non-injury motor vehicle accident on Hwy B at Cedar Creek Bridge, sent MSHP.

Report of a domestic at 3360 S Hwy 39, send MSHP.

Report of kids tampering with yard lights and ornaments.

Jason R Reynolds taken into custody.

Ambulance request: 12210 E 1400 Rd; CCMH; 811 Owen Mill Rd; 108 McCrary St ; 1010 S Main; 1000 S Allison

Sept 1 – Report of car vs deer on A Hwy

Report of prowlers on 1315 S 1125 Rd

William Johningan taken into custody for DWS

Ambulance request: CCMH; 14132 E 1560; 12260 S 1325; 1119 Maplewood; CCMH ER; Community Springs; 510 S Grand

Sept 2 – Report stolen property on corner of 201 and 420 Rd

Report of stolen semi hood & fenders.

Report of employee being threatened at Orleans Trail.

Deputy responded to a gas drive off at Casey’s.

Report of fight in progress on 310 Rd

Report of a burglary at 15557 S. 39 Hwy

Caleb Oldenburg taken into custody for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Ambulance request: 82 Hwy N of Eldo; 15060 S1525 Rd; 108 W Walnut; 19605 S 1125 Rd; 713 J Hwy; 3410 S 251 Rd

Sept 3 – Report of trespassing at 15722 E 1120 Rd

Report of a gas drive off at Hot Spot.

Report of stolen canoes at Caplinger Woods.

Report of a break in and stolen gun at 601 S High

Report of a domestic at 15557 S Hwy 39, HBO

Report of a forged check at Allison’s

Report of a break in at 15805 S 1225 Rd

Ambulance request: Lake Stockton; CCMH; Stockton Softball Field; 16230 S 39 Hwy; 15785 S A Hwy; 1201E Patricia

Sept 4 – Report of a car rear ended in the parking lot of Country Corner Café.

Report of an assault that occurred at Woods in Stockton.

Report of an attempted burglary at 905 S High

Report of threats being made with a weapon.

Ambulance request: ElDo PD Station; 16230 S 39 Hwy; 1214 S Park; CCMH; 9190 E 1674 Rd

Sept 5 – Report of domestic at 2905 350 Rd

Levi R. Sieleman taken into custody for a domestic assault.

Report of trespassing and theft at 1523 1674 Rd

Report of carless shooting at 202 E Locust

Report of sexual harassment at 19050 E 32 Hwy

Report of a stolen forged check at 15685 Lee Hopkins.

Ambulance request: 805 N Jackson x 2; 308 N Summer; CCMH; 807 Owen Mill Rd

Sept 6 – Report of trespassing at 10321 S 1625 Rd

Report of a dispute at 24250 S 2325 Rd

Michael Lane Joplin taken into custody for parole violation, FTS-DWR.

Ambulance request: CCMH; Community Springs; 113 South Street; Hwy. 39 and Hwy Z; 408 N Grand; 22255 E. 660 Humansville

Sept 7 – Cheryl Kay Boeding taken into custody for FTA-Traffic.

Report of gunshots on C Hwy from Barton County.

Report of unlawful use of a weapon.

Ambulance request: CCMH; 114 W Lafayette; 213 W Martin; 913 South Street

Sept 8 – Report of a bear sighting at 658 E Dade 162, contacted Dade County.

Report of female overdosed at 12340 S 1501 Rd

Report of DWR on 2025 Rd

Ambulance request: 12340 S1501 Rd ; 209 E James; Hwy 32 Dollar General; CCMH; 7725 SW Hwy DD

Sept 9 – Report of juvenile beyond parental control.

Ambulance request: 19730 E 1000 Rd. Humansville; 1101 S Jackson

Sept 10 – Deputy responded to 15371 E 1704 Rd for stolen lawn mower

Request for ambulance at 11760 E 1500 Rd

Sept 11 – Deputy responded to 19225 S 725 Rd for a shot mailbox

Arrest made on Robert Larue on Cedar County warrants

Request for ambulance at 1109 S Hwy 39, 9945 S Hwy AA

Sept 12 – Deputy responded to 20649 E 752 Rd for a report of burglary

Request for ambulance at 212 N Kirkpatrick, 327 W Popular, CCMH for transfer to Children Mercy, 305 S St James

Sept 13 – Report of possible ID theft at 701 Owen Mill Rd

Arrest made on Edina Roberts for DWS

Request for ambulance at 2250 S 1001 Rd, 206 W Joe Davis, Stockton Family Clinic, 700 S Park Apt 7, 213 W Martin

Sept 14 – Deputy responded to Woods in Stockton for a shop lifter

Arrest Cheryl Boeding on Cedar County warrant

Arrest Linda Kopczynski on Cedar County warrant

Request for ambulance at 400 E Hospital Rd, Stockton City Hall, 309 E Hospital Rd, 317 W Hickory

Sept 15 – Report of car vs deer on Hwy 39 and 570 Rd

Report of rolling domestic, deputy contacted subjects

Deputy responded to 311 E South St for theft.

Request for ambulance at CCMH for transfer to Joplin, 1000 S Allison Rd,15405 E Lee Hopkins Drive

Sept 16 – Arrest Trey Hackleman for DWI and speeding

Deputy responded to 18152 E 900 Rd for property damage

Deputy responded to a report of a man down 1 mile north of Dade County line

Request for ambulance mutual aid for Polk County, 3463 S 201 Rd, CCMH, transfer to Mercy Springfield, 805 N Jackson, 1214 S Blake, 21195 E Hwy N in Humansville

Sept 17 – Report of property damage at the Stockton Expo Center gate

Joshua J. Brown taken into custody on a 24 hr investigative hold

Sept 18 – Report of a vicious dog at 10347 E. 1050 Rd

Report of a burglary at 5311 E 1550 Rd

Michael C. Morris taken into custody on a warrant for failure to appear

Sept 19 – Rebecca L. Greenwell, Nevada, taken into custody on a warrant for passing a bad check

Report of an out of control juvenile at 13215 E Hwy Z

Deputy performed a Family Services assist at 15557 S Hwy 39

Report of abandoned livestock at 15999 S 1345 Rd

Sept 20 – Report of fraud at Mid Mo Bank

Report of a burglary at 905 S Allison Rd

Report of an out of control juvenile at 24633 E Hwy 32

Sept 21 – James A. Whitlow taken into custody on a warrant for failure to appear

Report of a dog bite at 1855 W 166 Rd

Pamela Garrett, El Dorado Springs, taken into custody on charges for interference with custody

Sept 22 – Report of theft at 4380 E 476 Rd

Report of theft at 23385 E 700 Rd

Report of a domestic disturbance at 15405 E Lee Hopkins

Report of ATVs operating on Corps property

Report of dog bite at 18685 E Hwy N

Report of theft at the Boathouse Restaurant

Alvin W. Dunn, El Dorado Springs, taken into custody on charges for domestic assault 2nd degree/assaulting a law enforcement officer/armed criminal action/unlawful use of a weapon/peace disturbance

Sept 24 – R-eport of a burglary at 1515 E 190 Rd

Report of a motor vehicle accident at Hwy M and 1000 Rd

Sept 25 – Report of property damage at 22029 E 850 Rd

Report of burglary on 2200 Rd at Dade 21 Rd

Report of a theft at 12501 N 1501 Rd

Sept 26 – Report of an attempted burglary at 11641 E 450 Rd

Report of theft at 15188 E 1656 Rd

Report of theft at 601 S Church

Report of a motor vehicle accident near Hwy 32 and Hwy A

Sept 27 – Report of theft at 305 S College

Report of mail tampering at 500 W Englewood

Sept 28 – Report of a motor vehicle accident on Hwy M two miles north of Hwy 32

Report of theft at 1214 S Blake Apt 6

Report of a burglary at 16894 S 1475 Rd

Report of theft at the Stockton city park