An important election

Posted October 4, 2012 at 12:16 pm


A lot of horrible things are going on across the world. The government of Egypt is crucifying Christians. The Mexican Drug Cartel is torturing and murdering people. What about dissidents in China, Venezuela, Russia, etc, imprisoned because they said something the government didn’t like? Failed economies are devastating people in Greece, Spain, Italy and other countries.

Horrible things are happening across the world and here in the U.S., too, and more to come unless something very powerful saves us. I think the only thing that can save us is God. We must humble ourselves and pray and fast.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been crucifying Christians. A news item said they have now decided to let the Christians flee their homes in 24 hours. Maybe the $435 million we give to Egypt bought that perk. The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over the U.S. has been exposed in a document called “The Project.” In it they say step 1) Is be friendly, 2) Is be defensive, 3) All out war. They have accomplished steps 1 and 2 with people in our government, in businesses and communities. One of their tenets is to kill all Christians, that’s us, too.

The Mexican Drug Cartel kills in Mexico, but they will be getting more active in the U.S. because they have 1,300 sites in the U.S. They showed the sites in America on TV with dots on a map and in Missouri there were two in about the location of El Dorado Springs and Nevada. They kill and torture people and love to get them on drugs. The Mexican Drug Cartel is here with us, too.

Disidents all over the world suffer for saying thing their government doesn’t like. Now we have a first Amendment to our Constitution that protects our right to free speech. But right now some countries are trying to make it unlawful to speak against Islam by passing a resolution in the UN. This law, if enacted, will extend to the United States also. We could be in jail for speaking the truth against Islam.

Failed economies are devastating people all across the world. Our government has tried many ideas to save our economy. The newest thing is buying $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities every month. I guess this is because China won’t buy our debt any more. Our dollar is going to get weaker every month when this $40 billion goes out. Where is the money for our Social Security checks, food stamps and disability checks to come from when our economy is so sick?

I don’t believe our current government can or really wants to take care of these problems. Their massive spending is sending us into bankruptcy and weakness. Please vote Nov. 6 as an American, not a Democrat or Republican. No political party is all right or all wrong. They have all done many wrong things but this is the most important election of our lives. Either we continue as we are and become slaves to whatever entity picks up the pieces after we crash or we choose another president to lead us out of this. We will have to work hard, too; we are in a lot of trouble. If you believe in God, please pray and fast these days before the election that He will take care of us and get us out of this mess. He is our only hope.

Name withheld